Ten Technologies to Own the Weather Today!

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Speculation on the internet abounds on the subject of weather control. With the recent flop of the 100+ million dollar Geostorm movie, many are searching for answers to the question “Is someone controlling the weather?” The answer is unequivocally yes. We will now explore ten weather modification technologies in use today and explain how each could be used as a weapon of war.

#1, #2, #3 Ionospheric Heaters, Sounding Rockets, and Satellites (Related)

Dr. Harry Wexler warned that the use of technologies to modify stratospheric ozone or punch holes in the ionosphere could lead to world wide weather issues. [1] After his sudden heart attack, the RAND Corporation suggested an increase in the use of sounding rockets to punch holes in the ionosphere and dump chemicals in space. [2]

Collectively this type of weather control is referred to as Space Weather Modification, Ionospheric Modification, Magnetospheric Modification, Plasma Seeding, and Geophysical Warfare.

Space weather modification could be causing a myriad of effects, from triggering earthquakes to creating artificial plasma mirrors that destroy ozone,[1] focus sunlight,[3] and cook troops.[4]

Everything switched to chemical releases from sounding rockets and satellites when upper atmospheric nuclear explosions were banned shortly following Project Westford (needles), Operation Argus, Starfish Prime, and the like. These chemical dumps usually consist of: [5][6][7]

  1. Barium
  2. Strontium
  3. Lithium
  4. Tri-methylaluminum (TMA)
  5. Sulfur Hexaflouride (SF6, banned CFC. #Irony)

Immediately upon release, these chemicals interact with solar wind (sunlight) and glow. Lithium is unique because it is visible during daylight. Each of these chemicals will attach to magnetic field lines in the Van Allen belts, allowing scientists to use them as a tracer: they make the invisible visible. [5][6][7] Once military analysts can see and diagnose the ionosphere it is now time to fix it! High powered microwave transmission antennas, in large arrays called Ionospheric Heaters, cook the ionosphere and the plasma clouds made by the chemical releases. This allows the military to: [8][9][10]

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in Gakona, Alaska is currently the most powerful Ionospheric Heater on Earth. In addition to the the abilities listed above, Malcolm Light from the Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG) proposed using multiple Ionospheric Heaters like HAARP to compress atmospheric methane into diamond dust in what he dubbed Project Lucy. [11] Similarly, the Climate CoLab has a geoengineering contest and one proposal discussed using HAARP to help CO2 “escape to space.” [12]

Recently, Dr. Rick Shankman reviewed my research and made the assertion that HAARP could possibly be to blaim for the recent “pause” in global temperatures. Coincidentally, HAARP became operational in 1997 around the start of the “pause.” [13]

The US military sold the HAARP facility to the University of Alaska because it has “moved on to better ways of managing the ionosphere.” Ionospheric heaters are now located worldwide on satellites, barges, and trailers. [14]

The Most Dreadful Weapon: Space Mirrors, Ionospheric Mirrors, Atmospheric Lens
Combined Release and Radiation Effects Satellite (CRRES) dumps chemicals, Arecibo Ionospheric Heater cooks chemicals
Charged Aerosol Release Experiment (CARE)
Luminous vapor trail of tri-methyl aluminum (TMA) reveals neutral winds, shears, gravity waves, and instabilities in the high-latitude, upper atmosphere.
Image of a daytime lithium trail near 68 miles/110 kilometers altitude from a sounding rocket launched from Wallops Island, Virginia, in July 2013.
The cloud in the upper left hand part of the image is due to a barium release. The purple-red part is the ionized component which has become elongated along the Earth’s magnetic field lines. The purple-blue cloud that surrounds the red ionized barium is a combination of the neutral barium and strontium. The blue and white trail in the lower portion of the image is from a TMA vapor trail that reveals the neutral wind trails as a function of altitude.
Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy Sam Nunn Policy Forum - April 28, 1997 University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia.
HAARP Radiation Belt Remediation: Satellite Threat Due to High Altitude Nuclear Detonation - Eisenhower Institute
“Chemtrails From SPACE! Sounding Rockets, Satellite Chemical Releases, and Ionospheric Heaters”Watch this Playlist on YouTube
“HAARP and the Sky Heaters Explained”Watch this Playlist on YouTube

BONUS: J2X cloud making rocket at Stennis Air Force Base, Mississippi!


#4 Lasers

BAE Systems recently announced a system called the Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens (LDAL) that is very similar to artificial ionospheric mirrors made by Ionospheric Heaters, except it can do it from a drone in space using a laser! [VIDEOS BELOW]

Laser systems are also being used as a source of ionization in clouds to make rainfall. Electrons in the laser’s beam excite aerosols, attracting water and inducing rainfall. Electric cloud seeding with lasers is cutting-edge technology with massive implications for water security and the battlefield alike. [15][16]

Speaking of the battlefield, lasers can also be used to steer lightning bolts. Shocking, I know. [17-27]


#5 Cloud Seeding

Cloud seeding is the oldest technology in this list. Cloud seeding is the process of releasing chemicals in the sky or burning chemicals from the ground to attract water and modify precipitation.

Weather modification with cloud seeding can be described as:

  1. Rainfall Enhancement (increase rain, may intensify storms)
  2. Hail mitigation (make hail smaller, could make hail larger)
  3. Snowpack Augmentation (cover western US. mountaintops for spring melt and runoff, usually ground-based seeding generators)
  4. Cloud Clearing (dry ice melts cirrus clouds)

Cloud seeding equipment [28]

cloud seeding aircraft equipment

Weather Modification Experiments. View Map on ClimateViewer 3D. Also see the raw data on Google Fusion Tables

These chemicals typically consist of silver iodide, acetone, and propane for ground-based seeding generators. Cloud seeding via aircraft usually consists of burning flares or dumping chemicals like silver iodide, lead iodide, urea (fertilizer), CO2 (dry ice), and even CONCRETE. [30]

The Russian Air Force, during a mission to clear the skies of potentially rain-filled clouds, dropped a mixture of silver iodide, liquid nitrogen and cement powder in an attempt to seed the clouds.

“A pack of cement used in creating good weather in the capital region failed to pulverize completely at high altitude and fell on the roof of a house, making a hole about 80-100 cm (2.5-3 ft).” – Naro-Fominsk Police when talking with agency RIA-Novosti. [30]

Cloud seeding was invented in 1946 by three General Electric scientists who were trying to better understand cloud formation. [31] The military attempted to steer a hurricane the following year in 1947 using this technology. [32]

Less than 30 years later, the United States Air Force used cloud seeding as a weapon of war over Laos and the Ho Chi Min trail. Their stated goal was to “make mud not war” in a Top Secret mission entitled Operation Popeye. Reporter Jack Anderson reported on the project and that lead to Congressional hearings and an internation law banning weather warfare in 1978 called ENMOD. [33][34]

“But the seeding near Cuba was to cause less rain, not more. It was supposed to squeeze rain out of clouds before they reached the island. You might say we tried to embargo rainclouds.” [35]

The CIA engaged in economic weather warfare in the 1970’s over Cuba in an attempt to destroy their sugar crops in what was dubbed “Project Nile Blue.” Their idea was to heavily cloud seed the areas upwind of Cuba and remove as much rain as possible. [35]

In 2011 President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iran) says Europe ‘stealing Iran’s rain.’ [36][37]

"Western countries have designed plans to cause drought in certain areas of the world, including Iran," Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in the city of Arak in Markazi province. [36][37]
Project Cirrus
Operation Popeye
 CIA Project Nile Blue


#6 Cloud Ionizers

Cloud ionization, ionic cloud seeding

Cloud ionizers are the newest technology in this list, however they are built on the decades-old ideas of Nikola Tesla, Bernard Vonnegut, Wilhelm Reich, and others. They work exactly like cloud seeding with one major exception: no chemicals necessary. Cloud ionizers release negatively charged ions (electricity) from antennas on the ground or attached to drones.

The idea is simple: instead of adding cloud condensation nuclei (CCN, or cloud seeds) ionizers charge pollution particles (aerosols) in the sky making them attract water vapor.

This process may in fact clean the air. I interviewed the president of Earthwise Technologies on the use of his ionizing system in Mexico and he claimed a 70% reduction in respiratory related illness in the area downwind of his cloud ionizer! If this is true, wow! A local newsman raised a stink about Earthwise’s ionizers screwing with the weather and shortly thereafter their contracts were cancelled.

When rainmakers in Abu-Dhabi claimed they made it rain in the desert FIFTY TIMES where there was no clouds the World Meteorological Society’s Expert Team on Weather Modification (yes, that is a thing) held an emergency meeting to discount the claim:

Weather modification technologies that claim to acheive such large scale or dramatic effects do not have a sound scientific basis (e.g. hail canons, ionization methods) and should be treated with suspicion.

That statement, of course, has not stopped the prolifieration of ionization technology.

  1. Meteo Systems - WeatherTec™
  2. AST Clear Sky Manager™
  3. Australian Rain Technologies (ART)
  4. Ionogenics “Electrification of the Local ATmosphere” (ELAT)
  5. Earthwise Technologies Inc.

Cloud ionizers are now being strapped on drones and tested of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in a multi-national effort to push the limits of a technology just referred to as “suspicous.” I surmise this must be working well.

The UAE Research Programme for Rain Enhancement Science said that is experimenting with eco-friendly drones that will help scientists study artificial, electrical charges within clouds to induce “electrical seeding.”

Cloud seed + water + static electricity = raindrop.

WEATHERTEC™ is the new leading-edge technology to secure the future supply of freshwater in many areas of need. It also has other applications to reduce some of the most negative impacts of weather.
The brainchild of a fractious group of Russian emigré’s, the poles and wires are in fact a network of conductors meant to ionize the air. If the technique is done properly, the thinking goes, the natural current between the earth and the ionosphere is amplified, leading — through a mechanism that is not fully understood — to rainfall.
Introducing electrically charged droplets into a naturally occurring cloud will affect the collision probabilities and hence the rate of droplet coalescence to produce raindrops, and depending on the nature of the cloud result in increased rain drop growth. This forms the basis of the ATLANT™ model..


#8 Stratospheric Aerosol Injection

Spraying chemicals in the stratosphere to block sunlight is a monumentally stupid idea, and a deadly one. The academic community acknowledges that attempts to mimic volcanoes by reflecting sunlight will alter rainfall patterns worldwide.

For this reason I have devoted an extreme amount of energy on the topic of Geoengineering Solar Radiation Management (SRM), debating scientists involved with this process, and hopefully raising awareness of the dangers of this technology.

If you are interested in this very complex topic, please dig in with the links below. This article is long enough =)


#8, 9, 10 Cloud Creation

Jet Engines

Jet Engines burn fuels that create massive streams of Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) or cloud seeds. Jet engines have long been recognized for the weather modification properties, so much so that one scientist claimed that exhaust from jet aircraft is more effective than old school cloud seeding:

“likely contrails are affecting precipitation to a much greater extent than are present deliberate seeding operations.”

I cover the weather altering abilities of jet engines in my articles on artificial clouds. The airline industry is now blanketing skies in an ice haze that dims the sun and covering our planet with cirrus clouds in what has now been referred to by scientists as “accidental geoengineering.” Please see the references in this section for links to aviation induced cloudiness, contrail induced cirrus, and anything else to do with fake cloud creation.

I have also documented evidence of French and Russian using jet engines to create tornadoes and steer hurricanes. Their device, dubbed the “Meteotron” used massive amounts of jet engines on the ground to alter weather overhead. These work in a similar manner to ground-based cloud seeding generators with an added twist… pardon my pun.

A French scientist, J. Dessens of the Observatoire du Puy de Dome, Clermont University, reports in Nature the discovery by accident of a way to make tornadoes artificially – and therefore of a means of studying the conditions under which they arise.

On a plateau in the south of France the Observatory built an apparatus which was originally intended for making artificial cumulus clouds. It is called the Meteotron and consists of an array of 100 burners spaced over an area rather larger than a football field. Fuel is pumped into them and, together, they consume about a ton of oil a minute, producing the very considerable power of some 700,000 kilowatts. In operation the device produces a think column of black smoke that permits observations of the resulting upward air currents.

Finally we have the Taurus Molecular Cloud TMC-65/TMS-65. This modified turbojet can create clouds or fog a battlefield in seconds. Thanks to Beeheroic.com for sharing this video.

A modified turbojet MIG engine mounted on a Ural-375, using heat and water or decontamination fluid to decontaminate a tank in one to three minutes. It can also be used to generate smoke.
Moshe Alamaro: Hurricane Control via Meteotron (Russian)
Hurricane Modification by Jet Aircraft Engine
Moshe Alamaro: Hurricane Control via Meteotron
Taurus Molecular Cloud TMC-65/TMS-65
Evaluating the Impacts of Aviation on Climate Change
Jet fuel metal nanoparticles are cloud seeds (CCN)


#11 Steering Rivers in the Sky

Aquiess and Sciblue, two companies claiming to do the impossible: steer atmospheric rivers. They describe this as “weather resonance technology” and say it is trade secret. I have zero information on the hardware involved in this project. They claim to send “signals from ground based servers” so I assume they are referring to either radio frequency transmissions, acoustic, or possibly a combination of many types including ionization.


In 1990’s, MIT’s Atmospheric Laboratory conducted field trials in non-conventional weather modification technologies.

Through further studies, atmospheric researchers developed a theory that identified macro‐scale weather chaos as ‘the key’ to influencing weather. During late 1990’s an independent research team in Australia stumbled on an ‘atmospheric mechanism’ whilst exploring origins of this theory. Experimental trials revealed that “small amounts of electromagnetic energy, applied intelligently,” could force change into weather, based on atmospheric sine wave patterns. This research culminated in the development of an atmospheric resonance technology, represented by Aquiess International (aquiess).

Electromagnetic wave forms are utilized to deliver signals toward a target weather system, that may be as remote as beyond the visible horizon. Proprietary technologies which draw upon data from locally applied hardware and software as well as disparate sensors, are deployed to modify the patterns forming ‘oceanic corridors’ that deliver rain. Scientific analysis of aquiess’ results, shows what is described as ‘resonance technology’, has both a vast reach and incremental scalability.

The core technology and primary IP are protected by treaties and strict security protocols which surround the project. Source: Aquiess: Technology

The company has developed from success in field service (real world problem-solving) for farmers through to government. Recent successes have attracted international governments through independantly verifiable results. A November ‘08 deployment in Victoria, was effective in protecting valuable crops from damaging rains, during harvest (aquiess ‘Avoidance’ service.)

Aquiess’ gentle soaking rain and micro-weather modification can assist in a range of applications: drought mitigation, flood reduction, frost avoidance, hail mitigation, heat wave mitigation, precipitation, and wind reduction. Source: Aquiess: Services

Enter Retired Col. David Kutchinski and his company Sciblue:

Fresh water has been dubbed “Blue Gold” in many publications as potable water will be to this century what oil was to the last century. Less than three percent of the water on the earth’s surface is fresh water. When we deduct the amount in the ice at each pole and the rivers flowing in uninhabited areas that number is less than one percent. From this amount the nearly 7 billion people on earth use to survive.

Mr. Kutchinski’s company, Sciblue, partnered with Aquiess to bring their “resonance technology” to Texas and end the drought in 2012.

Presiding Officer, Frank Reilly moved to agenda item J., Consideration and possible recommendation on a request for exemption status for a proposed rain-enhancement demonstration project in the Trans-Pecos region. George Bomar introduced David Kutchinski, who has a proposal to produce more water for the reservoir operated by the Red Bluff Water Control District based in Pecos. Mr. Kutchinski presented a power point of the concepts for increasing the water supply and a research project to enhance rain. This project would be conducted in association with SOAR and Red Bluff Water Control District. The project would be administered under the Texas State Water Plan and has been offered in other countries with reported success. Mr. Bomar outlined the process for obtaining a permit and getting approval from the Committee and Commission. The Committee recommended staff and General Counsel work with Mr. Kutchinski on the permitting process. Source: Texas Weather Modification Board

Aquiess and Sciblue claim success in steering atmospheric rivers over Texas and ending the drought:


Image #1: The contracted target was Red Bluff reservoir and the ‘expanded target’ Texas, to address the drought. Image #2: The plan was to provide SAFE MOISTURE FEED to deliver our signature, gentle soaking rain. Image #3: By May 15th, we had achieved a rainfall anomaly over Texas from the planned SSE direction. Image #4: NOAA Departure from normal (30-years) rain shows good May ’12 rain in line with Aquiess-proposed path May 3rd (ref.Image #2).

In their own words:

UPDATE - November 2012 Within 30 days of April 16th, Aquiess delivered inches of soaking rain into it’s Texas target.

“Rain like this is only the first phase of our drought-breaking services that are offered to USA and international communities experiencing water and food shortages,” says company CEO. This event was part of the endeavor to bring moisture safely into the Red Bluff reservoir in Texas.The project ran three months in entirety, Red Bluff water level rose 15.3 inches according to UCGS records.

Over the past ten years the company Aquiess has repeatedly demonstrated this technology to government and humanitarian observer groups. The proprietary weather modification system operates by utilizing ‘resonance’ signals to divert oceanic atmospheric-rivers (OAR) into areas experiencing severe drought. The Aquiess system does not rely on chemical or biologically hazardous materials, which could potentially harm the environment.

The second targeted rain event for this Texas project, was delivered in July, as part of a second ‘30-day event undertaking’. The results from this project, although they did not supply 29 feet required to fill the Red Bluff reservoir in Texas, they delivered a much needed reprise from the crippling drought in the southern-Texas region.

On May 3rd, 2012 NOAA released a Special Weather Briefing document, to explain an unusual change in the Texas region’s weather.

They began to observe the changes Aquiess had initiated, to deliver Texas drought-breaking rain.

Source: Aquiess-Introduction-2012.pdf



There you have it, ten technologies to control weather worldwide. Now that the cat is out of the bag, it is about time we did something about the secrecy involving these technologies.

That’s why I have proposed an addendum to ENMOD, the ban on weather warfare, and I built a map to worldwide to catch people in the act of modifying weather. Please read up on “The Clarity Clause” and support my efforts to bring transparency and verification to the secret world of weather modification, rogue geoengineering, and clandestine weather warfare.

Read all about it here: Geoengineering, Weather Modification, and Weaponizing Nature

I want to attend the 98th American Meteorological Society’s annual meeting in Austin, Texas this coming January.

21st Conference on Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification January 9-11, 2018 Austin Convention Center and Hilton, Austin, Texas. https://annual.ametsoc.org/2018/index.cfm/programs/conferences-and-symposia/21st-conference-on-planned-and-inadvertent-weather-modification/

Here is the iternerary for the presentations at the conference: https://ams.confex.com/ams/98Annual/webprogram/21WXMOD.html

This meeting will be a gathering of the world’s top geoengineering scientists and experts in the field of weather modification technology. This is a rare opportunity for me to hear three days of presentations by the world’s leading researchers in weather control and ask them some hard questions on behalf of so many concerned citizens worldwide:

  1. Transparency - Will you support a worldwide law requiring 48 hour notice before modifying or experimenting in our sky or on our atmosphere?

  2. Verification - Will you support building a citizen-powered network of atmospheric sensors to detect the release of chemicals or the use of electromagnetic radiation in an unsanctioned, illegal, or hostile manner for the purpose of weather or climate modification (rogue geoengineering), as well as for the purpose of verifying legitimate weather modification activities?

Help me attend the 21st Conference on Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification and I will tell everyone there about these five technologies, The Clarity Clause, and:

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not!
- The Lorax

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