Weather Modification Corporations, Universities, and Derivative Traders

“Everybody Talks About the Weather, But Nobody Does Anything About It.” –Charles Dudley Warner. Times have changed! These organizations may not “control” the weather yet, but they sure are trying hard, and experimenting in your skies daily. Each entry below has a reference link, this is all REAL!

Federal Government and Military


Universities and Associations

Weather Derivatives and "Event Contracts" (Stock Market)

Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group) Weather Derivatives

  • CME Group Weather Products
  • ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS: Weather Futures and Options[ARCHIVE]
  • Weather (Derivatives) Products Code SheetUpdated Products Code Sheet[ARCHIVE]
  • CME's Weather-i Trading App (Flash)
    Weather-i™ is a CME®-developed application providing a real-time view of all weather product market data. This convenient Web-based application allows users to view current data that provides size and price of best bid/offer, volume and last sale. Weather-i can be a valuable tool when trading specific months, seasons, or block trading. • Weather-i Homepage

    weather derivative tracking software by CME Group
  • Weather Derivative Companies

    weather-derivative-timeline cme-group-hurricane-contract-weather-derivative-regions

    Other Weather Modification Companies

    World Meteorological Organization Expert Team on Weather Modification • Link

    Position Family Name Given Name Affiliation Country Starting Date
    Chair BRUINTJES Roelof NCAR USA April 2011

    Member ABSHAEV Ali High Mountain Geophysical Institute

    Russian Federation January 2016
    Member FLOSSMANN Andrea Observatoire de Physique du Globe de Clermont Ferrand France January 2016
    Member KHANTIYANAN Warawut BRRAA Thailand October 2011
    Member KOREN Ilan Weizmann Institute of Science Israel January 2016

    Member MANTON Michael U of Monash Australia 2007

    Member MURAKAMI Masataka JMA Japan 2007

    Member PRABHAKARAN Thara Indian Inst of Tropical Meteorology
    India January 2016
    Member YAO Zhanyu CMA China January 2016

    Be sure to check out Geoengineering & Weather Modification Exposed


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