Weather Modification History Newspaper & Journal Vault

Weather Modification History Newspaper & Journal Vault

Domenic Marrama, Creator of WMH's Newspaper Vault images

"Everybody Talks About the Weather, But Nobody Does Anything About It."

Welcome to the Weather Modification History Newspaper & Journal Vault. Each newspaper was gathered from various sources and painstakingly recreated as a single, downloadeable image by Domenic Marrama.

These articles illustrate the lengthy history of atmospheric experimentation as reported by journalists in local and national newspapers, magazines, and scientific and military journals. As you move through this volume you will notice fewer and fewer entries, which leads us to believe either their is less interest in the topic of weather modification or an intentional lack of coverage.

The Weather Modification History Newspaper Vault is a priceless compilation of reporting on the little known activities of the Climate Changers.


See pollution, privacy concerns, weather modification & geoengineering experiments, and more. Monitor your world and view satellite imagery in real-time!


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