Unattainable goals from Agenda 21, The Paris Accord, Agenda 2030, and the Green New Deal lead to calls for geoengineering, yet nobody is in charge of the governing this dangerous technology. ... Continue reading

FCC spectrum auction threatens hurricane prediction and weather satellites and a new paper from David Keith gets massive coverage claiming geoengineering may be safer now as the UN fails to act on geoengineering governance. ... Continue reading

Fear of global warming doom is pushing us closer to legalized global geoengineering. The real fight is over the laws of playing God with our planet. ... Continue reading

International shipping creates massive clouds and increased lightning. Is the military releasing chaff to control lightning? Explore the facts. ... Continue reading

What do these have in common? CONTROL. Find out the truth about the CLIMATE CHANGERS, national sovereignty, and one world government of a borderless world. ... Continue reading

CEO of Miles Research and previous CEO of Aquiess discusses weather modification for the benefit of humanity and prevention of catastrophes. ... Continue reading

The history of the U.S. military spraying chemicals on an unsuspecting public. Strange clouds are appearing on local weather stations and the military isn't taking the blame. ... Continue reading

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Lawful Intercept, Wiretaps, Pre-crime, the NSA, and the 14 Eyes of the New World Order! ... Continue reading

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Jim Lee speaking at the US. EPA hearing on flight pollution