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WQAD weather guy Eric Sorensen mocks people for using the word chemtrail in a horrendous click-bait video on Facebook. Time to break down the words and science behind artificial clouds and aircraft pollution. ... Continue reading

We discuss how technocrats are taking control of the environment and replacing the water cycle. The reason? It's all about CONTROL! ... Continue reading

A crazy idea posed in 2012 by the Artic Methane Emergency Group is now seeming like reality: turn atmospheric methane into diamond dust to cool the planet using ionospheric heaters! ... Continue reading

Directed energy weapons and weather modification are being used to wage war worldwide and geoengineers are attempting to control Earth's temperature! ... Continue reading

Explore the destruction of our natural water cycle and the technology used to replace it. The reason is simple: CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE AND YOUR WATER! ... Continue reading

I am willing to fly to Gakona, Alaska and ask the tough questions. Will you support me? ... Continue reading

Geoengineering Watch tries to lie about plagiarism, while gatekeeping ClimateViewer and Weather Modification History. See the full history of Dane's bad behavior and constant attacks on fellow anti-geoengineering websites. ... Continue reading

As the UN moves to clean up the shipping industry, geoengineers and even activists obfuscate and suggest that boats making clouds are either a good thing or a conspiracy. ... Continue reading