Global think tanks call for laws to govern solar radiation management to “deal with the losers,” meanwhile commercial aviation is already geoengineering and screwing with India's monsoons. ... Continue reading

Explore the secret history of weather modification, geoengineering, and space weather control from 1800 to present with our brand new interactive timeline! ... Continue reading

From Bill Gates' StratoShield to StratoCruiser, all the info on this geoengineering solar radiation managmenet field experiment and the push back from civic groups at COP24. ... Continue reading

When a magnitude 7 earthquake hits Alaska YouTube is ablaze with blame and fear-porn. Here are the facts. ... Continue reading

Interview discussing weather modification by electromagnetic methods and water cooling towers. ... Continue reading

JUST THE FACTS about HAARP and experiments on the ionosphere, magnetosphere, and YOU! ... Continue reading

Staff unable to access boiling water reactors during hot shutdown due to flooding, very few details available. Warn everyone! ... Continue reading

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Moles access top secret signals intelligence network to leverage the President, Congress, and Activists! ... Continue reading

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Jim Lee speaking at the US. EPA hearing on flight pollution