When a magnitude 7 earthquake hits Alaska YouTube is ablaze with blame and fear-porn. Here are the facts. ... Continue reading

Interview discussing weather modification by electromagnetic methods and water cooling towers. ... Continue reading

JUST THE FACTS about HAARP and experiments on the ionosphere, magnetosphere, and YOU! ... Continue reading

Tune in, it's all just fun until you realize that sky heaters are screwing with your sky. Let them know you don't approve of Space Weather Control! ... Continue reading

Scientists hell bent on coating the sky in sunscreen or making fake trees to suck CO2 are ignoring the obvious: PLANT TREES! ... Continue reading

Can a NEXRAD Doppler Radar station steer a hurricane? What is the difference between Geoengineering and Accidental Geoengineering? Learn the facts. ... Continue reading

Coming soon to a sky near you! FCC approves SpaceX Starlink wireless satellites and the Airborne Wireless Network. ... Continue reading

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Lawful Intercept, Wiretaps, Pre-crime, the NSA, and the 14 Eyes of the New World Order! ... Continue reading

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Jim Lee speaking at the US. EPA hearing on flight pollution