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ClimateViewer News is Jim Lee’s blog where he compiles research related to ClimateViewer 3D, Weather Modification History, and so much more.

Jim Lee, creator of ClimateViewer
Jim Lee, creator of ClimateViewer

Jim Lee publishes environmental pollution, privacy, and propaganda research on his website ClimateViewer News where “Truth is Stranger than Fiction.”

Jim created ClimateViewer 3D, an open-source geophysical monitoring map with live intel displayed on a gorgeous 3D globe. CV3D features an encyclopedic list of exclusive maps resulting in thousands of hours of personal educational bliss not found anywhere else on the internet, let alone all in one place.

Jim has compiled the largest volume of geoengineering and weather modification history into one massive timeline, complete with lists of companies, patents, sponsors, experiments mapped, and even live weather derivatives tracking: WeatherModificationHistory.com.

All research, graphics, HTML, CSS, and Javascript on ClimateViewer.com and ClimateViewer.org written, designed, and coded by Jim Lee.

WeatherModificationHistory.com is a joint effort by Jim Lee and Domenic Marrama, combining both investigative journalists’ superpowers to create an unparalleled online repository of factual references in chronological format.

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  • Phone: +1 (803) 450 4305
  • E-mail: [email protected]

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