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  1. Hello! Great website, so insightful. I added this to my favorite’s & um have you ever heard of the use of projections via chemtrails & satellites? It is not a researched study but I have heard of Project Bluebeam. Just wanted to let ya know 🙂


  2. Hi:

    I am a great admirer of your work & how you’ve taken this type of research to a new level. You’ve targeted an area of research & documentation precisely where it was needed the most. My hat’s off to you all!

    I am a geopolitical analyst advisor (full-time, non-credentialed). For the longest time after Fukushima happened. I searched for the reason(s) why the powers that be weren’t concerned about this global extinction event. I found my answers to this perplexing problem in “CERN & the D-Wave Systems Quantum computer”. Some people who have done a competent assessment of “CERN & the D-Wave Systems Quantum computer” are Anthony Patch, BFEarthwatch & a few others. They can be found on YouTube. If one does not give credence to this area of research because there are esoteric aspects discussed. Then, you are missing the driving force & reasons why the powers that be are doing what they are doing. It’s a spiritual as well as a physical battle. Humans could not be that evil on their own desiring to kill billions of people. There has to be a very very dark spiritual entity possessing/influencing their actions. Power corrupts; absolute power, corrupts absolutely.

    If, you’re interested. Anthony Patch has written a few books & is available for interviews. My disclaimer: I have no connection with anyone mentioned here. On one instance, I did exchange emails with Anthony Patch regarding a math formula of mine.

    Keep up the good work!



    1. I have not checked them out before, will do.
      However, I do cover what I consider to be the root of mind-control: http://theweathereffect.com/propaganda/
      Word control through Slavespeak: http://theweathereffect.com/2014/04/06/the-anatomy-of-political-slavespeak/

      Once you understand political Slavespeak (the language used to establish and maintain master-slave relationships), you become very aware of how those who don’t understand Slavespeak can be dominated, subjugated, and controlled by words — essentially enslaved by words. Correspondingly, you become impervious to external control through words. In other words, you enjoy more freedom — you have more options available to you.
      “It is hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head.”
      – Sally Kempton
      “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.”
      – Joseph Stalin
      “Language creates spooks that get into our heads and hypnotize us.”
      – Robert Anton Wilson, Introduction to The Tree of Lies (by Christopher S. Hyatt. Ph.D.)


  3. Thank you for the references to the mind-control articles. As I said in my earlier post. I do admire the work of all of the contributors at Climate Viewer. It’s on my schedule to come back later when I have more time & go thru all of the articles, etc. posted here. At the present I’m tight on time because of some date sensitive projects that I have to get out over the next week.

    About, Slavespeak. It’s just another aspect of social engineering isn’t it? Changing the meanings of words & the way we speak changes the ways our brains are wired on conscious & subconscious levels. This is easily apparent by observing what has been taking place in the world since the 60’s. Hello. Tavistock, etc. The human race is under attack on so many fronts right now. Frequencies, chemical, Fukushima, WIPP, Hanford & every other nuclear facility, depleted Uranium, CERN, technology (surveillance, ubiquitous, etc.; but not all tech), common core & previous U.S. education syatem (Dewey, about 1956), spiritual, mind-control, media/propaganda (Bernays), environmental, property ownership, ever present fear (unable, to critically think), psyops, false flags, economic meltdown, destruction of middle-class, dysfunctional justice system, basic citizen rights criminalized, vaccine mandates, codex alimentarius, GE/GMO (re: Seralini) (2014-2015 intro of iRNA gene switch to GMO’s & vaccines), etc, etc, etc. Sorry, I got carried away a bit with the list.

    I should get back to work. I’ll be back in a few weeks after I get caught up with my work. To all, take care & keep up the good work!


  4. Hi Jim,

    I like your style of presenting information. Your right about the Jet fuel additives. I would be interested in getting more involved. check out some of my YouTube video’s:




  5. I have been studying haarp for a couple of years I would like to chat with you sometime. I have some questions. I m willing to help in any way I can. Unfortunately I don’t have much funds.


  6. Hi, I’m a dad of 2 sons & a grandpop.I been awake since a very small child now I’m deep in the rabbit hole.the medical establishment is killing us off,the chemtrails pollute our skies and block the sun which we need to live. I would like to stop these psychopaths and can’t comprehend how noone has…yet.


  7. Hi Jim,
    Heard you on CTM. Loved it!
    Would you be willing to put together an audio tutorial on Slave Speak? Like a Slave Speak 101. I have teens that are open to this and your style and knowledge would enable them to ‘get it’.
    Keep up the great work!

    Indian Harbour Beach, FL.


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