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The Silver Lining Project has a new name Marine Cloud Brightening Project. MCB Project intends to inject sea-salt into clouds to make them brighter and reflect sunlight: solar radiation management. The project is led by Stephen Salter and John Latham. Below is their deleted website:

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The Silver Lining Project is a not-for-profit international scientific research collaboration to study the effects of particles (aerosols) on clouds, and the influence of these cloud effects on climate systems. [1] Research Objectives:
  • Fill important gaps in the understanding of cloud dynamics and systems to improve climate models
  • Advance understanding of the climate effects of pollution in clouds
  • Research basic processes associated with adding natural aerosols to clouds to impact climate (e.g. Marine Cloud Brightening)
  • Understand the principles behind technologies for adding natural aerosols to cloud systems [2]
This research is currently undertaken by distinguished scientists and engineers at: Manchester University, Leeds University, NCAR, Pacific Northwest National Labs, Purdue University, University of Washington and the University of Edinburgh [3]. Silver Lining Project One Market Street, Suite 3500 San Francisco, California 94105 phone: +1 (415) 681-8000 fax: +1 (415) 651-8932 Email: [email protected] [4] [1] [2] [3] [4]

silver lining project marine cloud brightening geoengineering programs

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