Cloud ionizers are rapidly popping up around the globe as the replacement for the most widely used weather modification technique: dumping chemicals into clouds with cloud seeding.

Cloud ionization and electric methods promise greater control of the weather without any toxic chemicals and according the CEO of Earthwise Technologies (now closed) they can actually make the air cleaner.

Cloud ionizers use pollution already in the sky as a “cloud seed” or scientifically referred to as a cloud condensation nuclei (CCN). The idea is simple: create static electricity that attracts water to aerosols (dust, metals, pollution) in the sky to create clouds or make it rain.

Finally, cloud ionizers are being used to protect critical infrastruction like nuclear waste from lightning strikes!

Another new technique being discussed by three prominent companies and the Chinese governement is the ability to use electromagnetic signals sent from ground based antennas to steer atmospheric rivers, or rivers in the sky.

This article and video is to update my original post on the topic of cloud ionization from 2014:

Cloud Ionization, Electric Rainmaking, and Laser-guided Weather Modification


Miles Research and aquiess global rain project

David Miles on Steering Sky Rivers, Weather Moderation, and Military Implications

“David Miles on Steering Sky Rivers, Weather Moderation, and Military Implications”Read the ArticleWatch this Video on YouTube


Aquiess and Sciblue team up to end Texas drought using cloud ionization - April thru July 2012

Aquiess and Sciblue team up to end Texas drought using cloud ionization - April thru July 2012 (source: aquiess)

Climate Global Control Trading LLC

Climate Global Control Trading LLC Creates & Steers Hurricanes with Ionospheric Modification and Cloud Ionization

“Climate Global Control Trading LLC Creates & Steers Hurricanes with Ionospheric Modification and Cloud Ionization”Read the ArticleWatch this Video on YouTube

Weather Generator Project

Weather Generator cloud ionizer

Weather Generator, Cloud Ionization Turning Deserts Green in UAE!

The core of weather generator project are weather altering stations, that have the capacity to drastically effect the weather conditions by emitting energy that flows through humidity available thousands of kilometres in the atmosphere. We can create a multi-faceted set of solutions for various challenges. Such as:

Rain enhancements for catering to increased water needs of agricultural, irrigation, domestic. Air Pollution dissipation within our cities and across our agricultural producing lands, enabling safer foodstuffs, healthier populations and economic relief to the health industry. Smog eradication, creating safer and more efficient airports, sea ports, railways and highways. Shield dust and sand storms. Reduce humidity in the city atmosphere.

Weather Generator is an international project with numerous successful case studies. It was established in Soviet Union in the late 60's and got its intensive development in Dubai. Currently, it has developed highly effective weather conditions within the region and caused numerous rains, hails and even snow falls in this desert region.
“Weather Generator, Cloud Ionization Turning Deserts Green in UAE!”Watch this Video on YouTube

China’s Tianhe Project (Sky River)

CHINA is launching a bizarre bid to control Earth’s weather so it can shift rain clouds thousands of miles from its soaking south to its parched north.

Six satellites will form a ring to spot water-laden clouds and create an atmospheric corridor to allow them to move to the arid regions, state media said.

SOURCE: Knox, Patrick. "RAIN MAKERS China ‘will move clouds and make it rain in different places using satellites’ in terrifying weather control plan" The Sun, UK (2018)
“China’s Mind-Blowing Weather Modification, Geoengineering, & ELF Transmitter Projects!”Read the ArticleWatch this Video on YouTube


WIPP protects infrastructure with metal palm trees

“You don’t want a lightning strike to hit anywhere near the facility, especially a direct hit,” Neece explained. Located at five different areas along the WIPP site, the metal arrays protect everything from the salt shafts to the exhaust filters.

Engineers at WIPP have traced the technology back to 1913. “In Tesla’s application, he included some sketches,” Neece said. “One of the sketches included something that vaguely looked like a palm tree.” The design has worked to protect the radioactive waste storage site since 1987.

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant protects infrastructure with metal palm trees


WeatherTec Ionization Technology

WeatherTec cloud ionizer

Cloud ionization, ionic cloud seeding

An ambitious project attempts to ionize the lower atmosphere and create conditions where raindrops can easily form.

Australian Rain Technologies (ART)

ATLANT Australian Rain Technologies cloud ionizer

AST Clear Sky Manager

AST Clear Sky Manager installed on a flat roof in Dubai in 2006

“Download PowerPoint Presentation: The Climate Changers and Water Wars: Technocracy, Geoengineering, and Replacing the Water Cycle”Read the ArticleWatch this Video on YouTube

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