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Shout out to Rance Smith and Mike Morales for bringing this company to my attention!

A new company based in UAE is validating everything I have said about replacing natural weather with technocrats controlling the global water cycle. They claim to use “Ionospheric Technology” to steer cyclones, end dust storms, and bring rain to dought filled regions of the Middle East. I have talked many times over the past few years about a company called Aquiess which claimed to steer atmospheric rivers using electromagnetic waves, cloud ionization and “weather resonance technology.” Their website has disappeared from the internet and eerily seems to be related to this new company.

Climate Global Control Trading LLC claims they created and steered Tropical Cyclone Ashobaa (June 7-12, 2015) using their ionspheric technology. The implications of this claim are ASTOUNDING and confirm what many of us have already known: our weather is for sale and hurricanes can be controlled!

Before getting into the details, please check out my presentation on the big picture about the replacement of the natural water cycle and weather:

The Climate Changers and Water Wars - Technocracy, Geoengineering, and Replacing the Water Cycle

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And now for our feature presentation, the UAE based company controlling hurricanes and their cryptocurrency for global water control!

Climate Global Control Trading, LLC.

Official statement of the Company "Now we are carrying out test works." on 06 July 2018. Test works are carried out in the UAE by "Climate Global Control Trading LLC."

Climate Global Control Trading L.L.C. What we can do

Global Climate Hub

Center of Trading of Climate Services

CRON Exchange

"CRON Exchange" is an international cryptocurrency exchange, created on a blockchain technology, and where cryptocurrency CLIMATE CRON freely will circulate.


BITonFly LLC is the first world company, created in order of monetization of global market of water resources, using a new financial instrument - a universal cryptocurrency CLIMATE CRON, based blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency CLIMATE CRON is a new financial instrument, based on a blockchain technology, and it is provided by a real asset - fresh water, and it is intended for free circulation at cryptocurrency exchange "CRON Exchange" and serves as a universal means of payment for the participants of global market of water resources. The initial value of 1 CLIMATE CRON is equal to the cost of 1 barrel of fresh water.


Climate Global Control Trading, LLC. Ionospheric Technology for Weather Management

A brief summary about the company “Climate Global Control Trading L.L.C.” The company Climate Global Control Trading L.L.C. (CGCT) ( ) is a supplier of integrated technology solutions, specializing in project design, planning and implementation of Ionospheric Technology for Weather Management.

Climate Global Control Trading LLC is the world's leading Supplier of water resources of atmospheric origin on the global market of water resources and other various weather services.

Climate Global Control Trading LLC has many years of successful experience in the use of an unique Innovative Technology for Weather Manangement in the UAE, Iran, India (Mumbai State) and other countries.

Company Climate Global Control Trading LLC has a strong basic team of the Science and Research Sector, that has evolves within the last thirty years and consists of more than 400 high-educated, uniquely experienced professionals and experts from the former of USSR, who now live and work in many countries.

Moreover, in the case of need, company Climate Global Control Trading LLC can involve to participation in scale projects up to 3000 specialists from over the world.

With its recognized team of highly skilled professionals, the company guarantees clients effective of all resources, with the emphasis on top quality climatic services in accordance with Innovative Technology for Weather Management. SOURCE: CGCT_Profile_V.2.pdf
Hardware technology "Controlled Weather Change" presents a distributed network of antenna systems fundamentally new type.

Antenna complexes are located in areas of active weather-forming processes in the Indian Ocean region.

Antenna complexes are fully autonomous, non-volatile; with a high level of redundancy (it provides a completely safe control of all atmospheric processes).

The information about the location and composition of equipment is strictly confidential SOURCE: CGCT_Profile_V.2.pdf

Cloud Ionization, Electric Rainmaking, and Laser-guided Weather Modification

Climate Global Control Trading, LLC. Steers Tropical Cyclone Ashobaa

1) Project of our Scenarios on the first half of the demonstatrion work.
2) Project of our Scenarios on the second half of the demonstatrion work.

The history of Ashobaa development from "Pakistan Meteorological Department"

4) Example of the forecast of moving the Ashobaa made by from 07.06.2015, which matches to our scenarios, made in the end of May.
5) Link on Wikipedia about Ashobaa
6) Effects of our work on the examples of Mass Media:
- Rain and hailstorms lash northern parts of Oman on June 5, 2015
- Weekend hail, thunderstorms to be followed by more rain in UAE on June 7, 2015
- UAE coast spared brunt of cyclone Ashobaa on June 11, 2015
7) Report of independent meteorologist about climate changes in the UAE during our work

Press-office "Climate Global Control Trading", Dubai, UAE, 03.09.2015

Tropical Cyclone Ashobaa - June 7-12, 2015

Rare Huge Cyclone to Hit Arabian Peninsula

Cyclone Ashobaa Hits Muscat (Oman)‎


WORLD FIRST! Electric Cloud Seeding via Drones in UAE


The Blue Gold Rush and Water Wars: Using the Rivers of the Troposphere

Fresh water has been dubbed “Blue Gold” in many publications as potable water will be to this century what oil was to the last century.

Cloud Ionization, Electric Rainmaking, and Laser-guided Weather Modification


Aquiess and Sciblue team up to end Texas drought using cloud ionization - April thru July 2012

Aquiess and Sciblue team up to end Texas drought using cloud ionization - April thru July 2012 (source: aquiess)

How Texas Stole California’s Rain!

Aquiess, Sciblue, & Steering Rivers in the Sky


Hurricane Hacking: The Department of Homeland Security enters the weather modification business

Limited scale field tests:
Salt Seeding Tests
Carbon Black Aerosol (CBA)
Upper Ocean Cooling
Ion Generators
Monolayer Films


The FULL History of Hurricane Modification (1947 - Present)

Hurricane Modification Articles on ClimateViewer News

Weather Modification History

The most comprehensive Weather Modification and Geoengineering Timeline and Research Repository on the internet!

Weather Modification History - Man Made vs Nature

The Environmental Modification Accountability Act #ENMODAA

The Environmental Modification Accountability Act #ENMODAA

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