We have all seen the massive snowstorm all over the news. This record breaking snowstorm has caused unbelievable damage:

After Winter Storm Jonas crippled areas across the East Coast with ice, high winds and flooding, millions of Americans have been trying to dig themselves out of the aftermath. At least 27 people have died in the storm, a quarter of a million customers have lost power and hundreds of crashes have been reported. Travel bans barring non-emergency vehicles from the roads of New York City and Baltimore were lifted by early morning, and mass transit systems that had been partially suspended during the storm were scheduled to run again. But even as United Airlines said limited service might begin later in the afternoon in New York City, airports in the Washington D.C. area were likely to remain closed Sunday, and other airlines started to cut Monday service in addition to the 9,500 already-canceled weekend flights. Winter Storm Jonas: At Least 27 Dead, Travel Slowly Getting Back on Track

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The death toll is up to 30 now: At Least 30 Killed in Snowstorm-Related Deaths

The majority of talking heads on lame-stream media and even the Governor of New York are all blaming this storm on climate change and global warming.

What if I told you this storm is not just an act of God, but an act of men?

Every year in the United States of America, hundreds of counties, water districts, and ski resorts pay for weather modification to create additional now using ground-based cloud-seeding generators. Here is the anatomy of a cloud seeding generator and some photos of different types across the west coast:



This artificial snow is “necessary” for the water starved west coast as it melts in the spring and feeds streams and canals, not to mention you can’t ski on dirt. Here is how “orographic cloud seeding” works:


However, each year we also see massive flooding and snowstorms all over the east coast and this is no coincidence.

When you see the massive scale of cloud seeding operations on the west coast you will understand that they are, at least, partially responsible for the loss of life and economic damage on the east coast.

I will now present the names of the companies modifying the weather, where it happens, and who paid for it.

Here are the ground-based cloud-seeding generators I have found so far as seen on my map ClimateViewer 3D:

ClimateViewer Mobile and ClimateViewer 3D



Names and Dollars

Wyoming Weather Modification Pilot Program

Weather modified by: Weather Modification, Inc.

Funded by: Eden Valley Irrigation & Drainage District


Central Colorado Rocky Mountain Program

Weather modified by: Western Weather Consultants

Funded by: Vail Associates, Inc., Denver Water Department



Grand Mesa Colorado Cloud-Seeding

Weather modified by: Water Enhancement Authority

Funded by: Water Enhancement Authority



Humboldt River Basin Cloud-Seeding

Weather modified by: Desert Research Institute

Funded by: State of Nevada


Carson-Walker Basin Cloud-Seeding

Weather modified by: Desert Research Institute

Funded by: State of Nevada



Santa Barbara California Cloud-Seeding

Weather modified by: North American Weather Consultants

Funded by: Santa Barbara County Water Agency



Idaho Power Company Cloud-Seeding

Weather modified by: North American Weather Consultants, Idaho Power Company, Madison County

Funded by: Boise Project Board of Control, Idaho Power Company, Gunnison County, Utah Water Resources Development, Madison County, Water District 34



Other Cloud Seeding Programs

This map plots those weather modifications for rain and snow augmentation and fog and hail suppression reported by NOAA for the years 2004 through 2012 west of the Mississippi River. The locations were identified by researching the sponsoring organization and the project name. However, due to the lack of specific data, the placemarks represent only the general region covered by the sponsor and do not reflect the actual path of the cloud-seeding experiments. Imported at Sun Nov 08 20:30:00 PST 2015 from NOAA Tracked Weather Modifications 2004 to 2012 SORTED.xlsx. Excel spreadsheet created by George Stiller: climateviewer.org/myreadingmapped Fusion Table, corrections, and KML creation by Jim Lee: climateviewer.com/rezn8d/ Source - NOAA Reports provided by ClimateViewer News: climateviewer.com/geoengineering/


Google Fusion Table

Weather Modification Experiment Map

Weather modification activities worldwide are also available on our maps.

Weather Modification Experiments. View Map on ClimateViewer Mobile and ClimateViewer 3D. Also see the raw data on Google Fusion Tables

More Information on Geoengineering


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