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President Kennedy United Nations Address On Weather Modification

if the Soviets control space they can control earth, as in past centuries the nation that controlled the seas dominated the continents.” Senator John F. Kennedy agreed during the 1960 presidential campaign. [1][2]
“To this end, we shall urge proposals extending the United Nations Charter to the limits of man’s exploration of the universe, reserving outer space for peaceful use, prohibiting weapons of mass destruction in space or on celestial bodies, and opening the mysteries and benefits of space to every nation. We shall propose further cooperative efforts between all nations in weather prediction and eventually in weather control. We shall propose, finally, a global system of communications satellites linking the whole world in telegraph and telephone and radio and television. The day need not be far away when such a system will televise the proceedings of this body to every corner of the world for the benefit of peace.” - Address by President John F. Kennedy to the UN General Assembly [3]
VIDEO SOURCE: CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) motion picture of President John F. Kennedy's address before the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) in New York City. See "Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States, John F. Kennedy, 1961: Item 387." President of the General Assembly Mongi Slim, a Representative from Tunisia, introduces the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Venezuela Marcos Falcon Briceno, who addresses the General Assembly, speaking about the recent death of U.N. Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold and international relations. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy arrives at U.N. Headquarters. President Kennedy arrives and is introduced by President Slim. In his speech President Kennedy addresses the recent death of Secretary-General Hammarskjold, presents six proposals for the new Disarmament Program, and provides information on the current crises in Berlin, Germany, Laos, and South Vietnam. At the conclusion of the President's address, there are shots of delegates in the General Assembly, and President Kennedy being escorted out of the hall by President Slim. CBS No. 610925. [4]

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