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New World Order Technocrats and the Surveillance State

Spy Map,submarine-cables,dhs-fusion-centers,usa-drones&baseLayer=esriAerial

The REAL Spy Files Map

The REAL Spy Files Map: ClimateViewer Mobile and ClimateViewer 3D


Big Brother is Watching – Privacy, Censorship, and Staying Anonymous

Big Brother Supporters – Countries, Corporations, and Corruption

The Spyfiles - The Map [DELETED WIKILEAKS MAP]

The Spy Files Map

DHS Terrorism Informatics – Fusion Centers are Socially Irresponsible

Five Eyes of the Deep State – STONEGHOST EXPOSED

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AH-64 Apache helicopter in my front yard – Jim Lee of ClimateViewer

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Facebook’s Silent Censorship of Activists #deletefacebook

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14 Incredibly Creepy Surveillance Technologies That Big Brother Will Be Using To Spy On You

Congressional Act to require on-screen notification ‘We Are Watching You’ when you are being recorded!

NSA Devises Radio Pathway Into Computers (not connected to the internet)

NSA TEMPEST Attack can remotely view your computer and cell phone screen using radio waves!

FISA Abuse, NSA’s STONEGHOST, & Five Eyes of the NWO

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PRISM ⚡ BREAK - Open Source Software Alternatives

Tor Project

I2P: The Invisible Internet

Kali Linux: The Most Advanced Penetration Test Operation System

Kali Linux Tutorials on YouTube

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Rapid7 Nexpose: Vulnerability Scanning

Paterva Maltego: Map your enemy!

Digital Attack Map

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