Geoengineering May Cause World War 3

“Geo-Engineering WWIII & Nervous Barry-O” ft. Jim Lee 6/19/19

“Geo-Engineering WWIII & Nervous Barry-O ft. Jim Lee 6/19/19”Watch this Video on YouTube

STORMY OUTLOOK Plans to ‘hack Earth’s weather’ could start World War 3, panicked scientists warn

Climate change may end up causing World War 3 if individual countries start to try and save themselves by hacking the weather with a process called geoengineering.

Longshot presidential candidate Andrew Yang thinks rogue geoengineering could cause a war. He wants the US to take the lead before it happens.

U.N. Geoengineering Governance Blocked by U.S. and Saudi Arabia

The CIA, Weather Warfare, and Climate Terrorism

Professor Alan Robock said: "I got a phone call from two men who said we work as consultants for the CIA and we'd like to know if some other country was controlling our climate, would we know about it? ... At the same time I thought they were probably also interested in if we could control somebody else's climate, could they detect it? ... The CIA is a major funder of the National Academies report so that makes me really worried who is going to be in control"

“CIA Director John Brennan discusses Stratospheric Aerosol Injection aka Chemtrails at the CFR”Watch this Video on YouTube

Henry Kissinger, the CIA, and Weather Warfare

“Henry Kissinger, the CIA, and Weather Warfare”Watch this Video on YouTube

Iran Accuses Israel of Cloud Theft: Weather Warfare and the CIA Cuban Rain Embargo

“Iran Accuses Israel of Cloud Theft: Weather Warfare and the CIA Cuban Rain Embargo”Watch this Video on YouTube

GEOENGINEERING WILL KILL PEOPLE: SRM geoengineering: how to deal with the losers? Ken Caldeira’s Geoengineering Group

David Keith admits Geoengineering SRM will kill many tens of thousands of people

“Geoengineering Debate - August.07.2013 (1:10:17)”Watch this Video on YouTube

Double catastrophe: Intermittent stratospheric geoengineering induced by societal collapse

A global catastrophe scenario involving climate change, geoengineering, and a separate catastrophe (like major volcanic eruptions or world war).

Stratospheric Sulfur Geoengineering - Benefits and Risks, Alan Robock


“Stratospheric Sulfur Geoengineering - Benefits and Risks, Alan Robock”Watch this Video on YouTube

Rogue Geoengineering Could Lead To Nuclear War

“Rogue Geoengineering Could Lead To Nuclear War”Watch this Video on YouTube

Watch This Before They Delete It - They Can Control The Weather

“Watch This Before They Delete It - They Can Control The Weather”Watch this Video on YouTube

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