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UPDATE July 8, 2018: Thai Cave Rescue: Cloud Seeding to Stop Monsoon Rains?


"Joint teams from Israel and one of the neighboring countries make the clouds entering into Iran barren. Moreover, we are faced with the cases of cloud theft and snow theft," Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali, head of Iran's Civil Defense Organization

General Sees Foreign Plots in Iran Climate Change - July 2, 2018

Head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization said he is suspicious about the role of enemies in climate change in Iran, saying the Zionist regime of Israel makes the clouds barren before they roll across Iran.

Iranian general says Israel stealing Iran’s clouds - July 2, 2018

The head of Iran's Civil Defense Organization claims Israel is 'working to ensure clouds entering Iranian skies are unable to release rain,' insisting this was confirmed by an Iranian scientific study; but head of Iran's meteorological service says 'it is not possible for a country to steal clouds.',7340,L-5302428,00.html

Iran general blames Israel for ‘cloud theft,’ then is rebuked by Islamic Republic scientist - July 2, 2018

Iranian general blames water woes on Israeli ‘cloud theft’ - July 2, 2018

In a video last month addressed to Iranians, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered to share Israel’s water expertise with Iran, saying “the Iranian people are victims of a cruel and tyrannical regime that denies them vital water.”

Netanyahu told the Iranians that Israel faced similar water issues and found ways of dealing with them, adding that Israeli technology can help the Iranians.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Europe ‘stealing Iran’s rain’ - May 21, 2011

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has accused Western countries of plotting to "cause drought" in Iran by using high tech equipment to drain the clouds of raindrops.

Ahmadinejad accuses the West of ‘stealing Iran’s rain’ AGAIN - September 11, 2012

Former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2011 accused Western countries of devising plans to “cause drought” in Iran, adding that “European countries used special equipment to force clouds to dump” their water on their continent.

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CIA Project Nile Blue - Rain Embargo on Cuban Sugar Crops - 1969-1970

Did the CIA order weather modification to ruin the Cuban sugar crop in 1969 and 1970, or didn't it?

Lowell Ponte, former researcher for International Research and Technology Corporation, a Pentagon "think tank," says the CIA and Pentagon ordered seeding off the shores of Cuba, to "milk" rain clouds, at a time when Castro's fortunes seemingly depended on a successful harvest of sugar cane.

The CIA has categorically denied it practiced cloud seeding anywhere except in Vietnam during that time period.

Ponte says the Cuban experiment was part of "Project Nile Blue," carried on officially starting in 1970 by the Pentagon's Advanced Reseach Projects Agency (ARPA). ...

Ponte adds that "Nile Blue" was really aimed at "destabilizing" weather in the Soviet Union, China, and Cuba, to ruin harvests and create political unrest.


“But the seeding near Cuba was to cause less rain, not more. It was supposed to squeeze rain out of clouds before they reached the island. You might say we tried to embargo rainclouds.”

The Nile Blue program made use of what was at the time the world's largest computer, ILLIAC IV, the construction of which had also been funded by ARPA. It would have to be considered of inestimable value if someone had decided for once to anticipate the environmental effects of a proposed very large scale man-made technological intervention. One can only hope that this is actually why the program was initiated. As already indicated, as early as 1961 a RAND report on weather modification emphasized the complexity of atmospheric processes and the interrelation of modification and prediction. Perhaps it is also of interest that the only two reports that deal with weather and climate prepared by the US Central Intelligence Agency that have been publicly released deal with similar broad considerations of weather, climate, food production,etc. (49) It is unlikely, however, that the program was quite so benign. In 1962, years before the Nile Blue Program was initiated, ARPA had contracted for a classified research project with the title Some Upper Atmosphere Aspects of Chemical Geophysical Warfare.

Aquiess, Sciblue, & Steering Rivers in the Sky


Aquiess “Weather Resonance Technology” to steer clouds and atmospheric rivers: “The core technology and primary IP are protected by treaties and strict security protocols which surround the project.”

WORLD FIRST! Electric Cloud Seeding via Drones in UAE

Research Groups from the USA, China and Russia Announced as Awardees of UAEREP’s US$5 Million Grant in its Third Cycle

UAEREP cloud seeding plane photo

Cloud Ionization, Electric Rainmaking, and Laser-guided Weather Modification

The Blue Gold Rush and Water Wars: Using the Rivers of the Troposphere

Fresh water has been dubbed “Blue Gold” in many publications as potable water will be to this century what oil was to the last century.


Cloud Ionization Articles on ClimateViewer News

Ten Technologies to Own the Weather Today!

The Environmental Modification Accountability Act of 2018 #ENMODAA




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