Military 5G Weapon, UN's Green New World Order, & Nuclear Rain

Directed Energy Weapons 101: Sonic, Microwave, Laser, and Non-Lethal Warfare

“THIS WILL BURN YOU ALIVE us military active denial system”Watch this Video on YouTube


Playing God and Geoengineering Governance

U.N. Geoengineering Governance Blocked by U.S. and Saudi Arabia

Perspectives on the UNEA resolution - Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program


The Climate Changers and Water Wars: Technocracy, Geoengineering, and Replacing the Water Cycle

UN Summit Seeks “New World Order” to “Transform the Way We Live”

While UN globalists typically use opaque language to disguise the real agenda, in this case, UN bosses celebrated the emergence of a “new world order” in which the UN's ideology of “sustainability” will reign supreme. “We are delighted that the world has responded here in Nairobi with firm commitments to build a future where sustainability will be the overarching objective in everything we do,” said UN Environment’s Acting Executive Director Joyce Msuya. “If countries deliver on all that was agreed here and implement the resolutions, we could take a big step towards a new world order where we no longer grow at the expense of nature but instead see people and planet thrive together.”
“UN environmental agency calls for “New World Order” | Alex Newman”Watch this Video on YouTube

Top Headline – UN Environment Assembly Promotes “Big Step Towards a New World Order”

“Top Headline – UN Environment Assembly Promotes “Big Step Towards a New World Order””Watch this Video on YouTube

Global Warming: An Inconvenient Lie DVD

Geoengineering, Weather Modification, and Weaponizing Nature

The Green New Deal, Agenda 2030, Technocracy, and Geoengineering


Chernobyl’s disastrous cover-up is a warning for the next nuclear age

Before expanding nuclear power to combat climate change, we need answers to the global health effects of radioactivity

In 1986, the Soviet minister of hydrometeorology, Yuri Izrael, had a regrettable decision to make. It was his job to track radioactivity blowing from the smoking Chernobyl reactor in the hours after the 26 April explosion and deal with it. Forty-eight hours after the accident, an assistant handed him a roughly drawn map. On it, an arrow shot north-east from the nuclear power plant, and broadened to become a river of air 10 miles wide that was surging across Belarus toward Russia. If the slow-moving mass of radioactive clouds reached Moscow, where a spring storm front was piling up, millions could be harmed. Izrael’s decision was easy. Make it rain.

So that day, in a Moscow airport, technicians loaded artillery shells with silver iodide. Soviet air force pilots climbed into the cockpits of TU-16 bombers and made the easy one-hour flight to Chernobyl, where the reactor burned. The pilots circled, following the weather. They flew 30, 70, 100, 200km – chasing the inky black billows of radioactive waste. When they caught up with a cloud, they shot jets of silver iodide into it to emancipate the rain.

In the sleepy towns of southern Belarus, villagers looked up to see planes with strange yellow and grey contrails snaking across the sky. Next day, 27 April, powerful winds kicked up, cumulus clouds billowed on the horizon, and rain poured down in a deluge. The raindrops scavenged radioactive dust floating 200 metres in the air and sent it to the ground. The pilots trailed the slow-moving gaseous bulk of nuclear waste north-east beyond Gomel, into Mogilev province. Wherever pilots shot silver iodide, rain fell, along with a toxic brew of a dozen radioactive elements.

If Operation Cyclone had not been top secret, the headline would have been spectacular: “Scientists using advanced technology save Russian cities from technological disaster!” Yet, as the old saying goes, what goes up must come down. No one told the Belarusians that the southern half of the republic had been sacrificed to protect Russian cities. In the path of the artificially induced rain lived several hundred thousand Belarusians ignorant of the contaminants around them.

Russian Cloud Seeding Prevents Chernobyl’s Radioactive Rains Reaching Moscow

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Russian Geoengineering Solar Radiation Management Field Experiment


The Nexus between Weather Modification and Limited-Area Geoengineering - EGU April 7-12, 2019

United Arab Emirates Rainfall Enhancement Program (UAEREP) at European Geosciences Union (EGU), April 2019

The Nexus between Weather Modification and Limited-Area Geoengineering
Co-organized as AS4.33/ERE8.1
Convener: Hannele Korhonen | Co-conveners: Volker Wulfmeyer, Lulin Xue
Orals | Wed, 10 Apr, 08:30–12:30 | Room L7
Posters | Attendance Thu, 11 Apr, 10:45–12:30 | Hall X5
International failure in curbing the global greenhouse gas emissions has sparked studies on diverse and largely hypothetical methods, known collectively as geoengineering, to intentionally mitigate climate change. At the same time, operational activities to modify weather, especially in terms of snow and rain enhancement, are taking place in more than 50 countries. Although these two topics are typically discussed separately, they are in many ways interlinked. Importantly, successful long-term weather modification and geoengineering would alter climatic conditions and the water cycle on local to regional scales.

In this session, the nexus between regional geoengineering and weather modification is discussed and analyzed. The importance of regional-scale modeling and experimental studies is specifically highlighted. All contributions are welcome, which investigate the various geoengineering and weather modification options from the local to the regional scale. Particularly encouraged are studies, which consider potential interlinkages between geoengineering and rain enhancement.

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