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Russian Geoengineering Solar Radiation Management Field Experiment

Results of a field experiment on studying solar radiation passing in the visible wavelength range are described with the model aerosol media created in the surface atmosphere. High-efficiency thermocondensation generators were used for creating model aerosol media. The index of refraction and an average size of the aerosol particles formed are close to those characteristic of the natural stratospheric aerosol. The composition and technical characteristics of the equipment complex used in the experiments to control aerosol optical and microphysical parameters and meteorological conditions of the experiment are considered. The Gaussian model of impurity dispersion in the boundary layer is used for the analysis and interpretation of measurement results. It is found that with a number concentration of aerosol particles of ∼102–103 cm−3 (which corresponds to the aerosol density in the deposited layer of about 1–10 mg/m2 with the layer thickness along the ray path of about 100 m) the solar radiation attenuation with artificial aerosol layers accounts for 1 to 10%. Model estimates are in satisfactory agreement with the measurement results. [1]

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Izrael, Yu A., et al. "Field experiment on studying solar radiation passing through aerosol layers." Russian Meteorology and Hydrology 34.5 (2009): 265-273.
FREE PDF: "Field experiment on studying solar radiation passing through aerosol layers." ResearchGate (2009)

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