World's First Off-Shore Methane Hydrate Fracking

Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (“JOGMEC”, Headquarter: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Hirobumi Kawano), which has been conducting preparation works for the first offshore production test off the coasts of Atsumi and Shima peninsulas, started a flow test applying the depressurization method and confirmed production of methane gas estimated from methane hydrate layers on March 12, 2013.

JOGMEC will start analyzing data while it continues the flow test. Since this is a flow test of flammables, please do not approach to thesite because of the safety reason.

Methane Hydrate R&D Division, Technical Department Fax: +81-43-276-4062 Email: mh21info@jogmec.go.jp

Website: www.jogmec.go.jp Press Release: http://www.japanportal.jp/JOGMECnewsrelease_130312.pdf ScienceDirect.com: Geochemical studies of pore fluid in surface sediment on the Daini Atsumi Knoll


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