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ICAO Presentation on Intentional Geoengineering with Contrail Cirrus

Ulrich Schumann addresses the ICAO Colloquium on Aviation and Climate Change regarding mitigation options for aviation pollution and contrail cirrus creation.

  • “Contrail cirrus contributes a large fraction to the aviation induced climate impact (comparable to 50 years of aviation C02)
  • Satellite data analyses suggest observable impact of aviation on cirrus cover and radiation fluxes.
  • The climate impact of aviation induced contrail cirrus depends on aircraft properties (e.g. soot emissions) and routing (avoid cirrus forming regions) [known as Ice-Supersaturated Regions or ISSR]
  • Both aspect offer the potential for aviation to reduce the climate impact of aviation (less soot emissions, less warming and more cooling contrails; predictable for operational planning)” [1]

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