Here is a summary of Geoengineering and Weather Modification News from around the globe for Monday, November 30 – Sunday, December 6 , 2015.

These weekly posts will chronicle links to raise awareness of Geoengineering and Weather Modification activities worldwide in advance of the COP21 conference, where Geoengineering SRM lobbyists will seek funding for their global weather control agendas.

As you read these articles, take special note of their tone, their agendas, and who would benefit from the article.

For a full understanding of weather control history, who’s doing it, and why, see our amazing reference timeline.

I recommend following Ken Caldeira’s Geoengineering list (Groups/Google/Forum/Geoengineering), as I do.



ABC News: An Unspoken Option If Climate Talks Fail: Geoengineering
“I think of it as kind of symptomatic relief,” Caldeira said in an interview on the sidelines of the U.N.-led Paris talks. “I’m thinking like morphine for the cancer patient.”


In reality, solar geoengineering could never—either in theory or in practice—be an adequate solution to the problem of climate change.
InterAksyon: COP-OUT 21? | Reject Paris climate deal that will burn planet - NGOs
The climate talks are also pushing for more technology-based solutions. As Pat Mooney of the ETC Group explained: “there is a big push for geo-engineering as the solution, the big ‘techno-fix’ to the problem of climate change.” Mooney spoke about technologies like solar radiation management, a solution akin to creating artificial volcanoes that can spew ash into the atmosphere, thereby creating a blanket that would block radiation from the sun. Climate talks: Do you know your AOSIS from your ALBA?

Le Monde diplomatique: Global warming, actors and victims

Some approaches are antagonistic: solar radiation management aims to limit global warming by increasing the amount of heat reflected back into space. This could undermine efforts to reduce carbon emissions and would do nothing to remedy ocean acidification.
Global Research: Selected Articles: Climate Change, Planetary Weapons, and Military Weather Modification. What prospects for Paris COP21?

Wisconsin Public Radio/To The Best of Our Knowledge: Geoengineering 101 with Clive Hamilton



The Guardian: Will Bill Gates and his billionaire friends save the planet?
Gates has also put millions into funding geoengineering techniques—like spraying the stratosphere with sulphate to block the sunlight—that would manipulate the global climate in order to counteract warming.


Scientific American: Blocking the Sun Is No Plan B for Global Warming
Planet-wide geoengineering schemes might work—or backfire. Either way, there is no getting around the need to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere
CBS News: Technology that could disrupt the course of climate change
A 2015 National Academy of Sciences report looked at the proposals to essentially give Earth’s atmosphere some heavy-duty sunscreen and raised some grave concerns. For instance, the report notes that “present-day observational capabilities lack sufficient capacity to monitor the environmental effects of an albedo-modification deployment.” In other words, we have no way of knowing what this might do to the Earth.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This also means that there is no verification system for the international ban on weather warfare (and rogue geoengineering) passed back in 1978: ENMOD

Angle Journal: Solar Radiation Management Can Only Work if it Works for the Poor

Ensia: Two Futurists Tell Us What We Need to be Thinking About Today to Shape a Healthy Tomorrow

The big issues around solar radiation management geoengineering from my perspective are less technical and more political. We actually have a pretty good handle on the basic science of it. It’s really the dilemmas around who controls it: who says yes, who says no, who says it’s time to shut it off, who’s liable? Because if we start doing something like this, no matter how careful and how well-modeled ahead of time, the moment there is any kind of environmental disaster somewhere — certainly if it’s weather related — geoengineering will be blamed. - Jamais Cascio
Harvard Science Review: Earth’s Missiles, Ready to Go?

The Guardian: We must learn from sunken cities or suffer their fate

There are many other means at our disposal provided we maintain open minds. Ocean fertilisation, cloud seeding, space lenses and carbon capture among others may well slow global warming (though not without failings and side effects) but cities will no doubt have to physically adapt in tandem.
The Conversation: Can solar geoengineering be part of responsible climate policy?

OR Politics: A Bit of Playing God: Climate Engineering: An Asset or a Threat?

The National Interest: It’s Time to Discuss Geoengineering

Times of India: Cooling the planet with concrete, seaweed and rocks

Coursera: University of Chicago Lecture 68 - Geoengineering: Solar Radiation Management

National Academy of Science: Climate Intervention Reports Release Briefing Webcast

Watch the briefing given at the release of two National Research Council reports, Climate Intervention: Carbon Dioxide Removal and Reliable Sequestration, and Climate Intervention: Reflecting Sunlight to Cool Earth.

Conscious Life News: Project Censored #19: “Most Comprehensive” Assessment of Geoengineering Risks

Stranger Tickets: Oliver Morton: Geoengineering A Way Out of Global Warming

TechDirt: DailyDirt: Geoengineering Could Have Its Own Unintended Consequences

Penn State: SRM Facts




BBC: Archive Footage: Floods of the 1950s [VIDEO]

In 2001, a BBC investigation confirmed that secret RAF “cloud-seeding” experiments were causing heavy rainfall.
News China: Cloud Breakers
Apart from closing factories and limiting vehicle movement in cities, the Chinese government has also practiced a high-tech version of the rain dance for many years. The grand opening of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games? Boom! A photogenic blue sky. Severe drought in the wheat-producing north? Boom! Rainy days. The 66th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China? Boom! Three days of perfectly blue sky. This is achieved by using jets to disperse clouds, and then firing silver iodide rockets into them to “seed” them. There’s an official department in charge of this – the Beijing Weather Modification Office – that, among other things, employs farmers from nearby areas to fire the rockets at the clouds. It’s in their interest, too, after all.
KLCC NPR Oregon: Let It Snow: Idaho Ramps Up Cloud Seeding

KOB Eyewitness News 4: Cloud seeding helping boost water supply, snowpack in CO, NM

Albuquerque Business First: 5 things you need to know today, and what’s cloud seeding got to do with it?

KOB has a really interesting story on how southwest Colorado uses cloud seeding to try to increase snowfall in winter storms. That snowfall, of course, impacts New Mexico’s snowpack and water supply — and ski resorts dig the cloud-seeding technology. Does cloud seeding really work? Bloomberg Businessweek recently did a fascinating in-depth story on that. Their take: It’s hard to tell — but in the West, many water managers are perfectly happy to see a small increase.
KTVN Channel 2: Scientists Use Cloud Seeding to Help Mother Nature

Investment Watch: CIA Funding Geo-Engineering to Weaponize Weather but Points Finger at Russia!

The Herald: EDITORIAL COMMENT: Zanu-PF indaba must focus on economy

Mechanisms have also been put in place to ensure the success of this agricultural season as inputs are available and critically, since the season is coming under a pall of drought, efforts have been directed towards cloud seeding to avert poor rains catastrophe. But we also urge the ruling party to redouble its efforts in serving the people as we are confident that it is within its power to do more, to be more proactive and more creative.
Times of Oman: More than 78,000 Omanis visited Thailand in 2014 [THAILAND]
“Even here in Oman, our relevant line agencies are currently exploring the possibility of enhancing technical cooperation on weather modification through the Royal Rainmaking Technology,” he added.
IndiaBook: Cloud Seeding Chemicals

NPR Science Friday: The ‘Rebellious Scientist’ Who Inspired Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt knew his brother was at heart a pacifist; their parents had raised them that way, and the war had only deepened the conviction for them both. But as soon as cloud seeding was made public, its military uses were being discussed. There was General Kenney telling the graduates of MIT, “The nation that first learns to plot the paths of air masses accurately and learns to control the time and place of precipitation will dominate the globe.” That made Bernard uncomfortable.
Reuters: China issues draft rules to regulate fledgling drone industry
Wang Xiaobo, chief executive of privately owned drone maker Wuhan Airbird UAL Co Ltd, said the regulations were timely given the popularity of drones in post-disaster evaluation, cloud seeding and aerial photography, among other industries.
Phillipines Department of Agriculture: Postponement of NP-515-15 Aircraft Rental for the Cloud Seeding Operations in El Niño Affected Areas [PDF]

Minda News: GenSan eyes cloud-seeding as El Nino worsens

Idaho Statesman: Mark Rudin: Studying mountain snowpack is vital to our quality of life

Other key local collaborators in snow research include: Idaho Power, which is funding cloud-seeding research by BSU geoscientist Shawn Benner and an atmospheric modeling program by Flores.
News Day: AMHVOICES: Cloud Seeding Budget a Noble Idea [Zimbabwe]

The Indian Express: Marathwada: 27 farmer suicides in a week, takes annual toll over 1,000


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  • ClimateProgress Blog: Geoengineering Gone Wild: Newsweek Touts Turning Humans Into Hobbits To Save Climate
  • Discovery News: Messing With Nature to Stop Warming: Too Risky?
  • Cambridge News: Geoengineering solutions to climate change must go hand in hand with cutting emissions, says Judge Business School lecturer
  • WGC Blog: Reflections on Teching Geoengineering
  • WGC Blog: Imperative to get the carbon removal dialogue up to speed with the science

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