Here is a summary of Geoengineering and Weather Modification News from around the globe for Monday, November 23 – Sunday, December 1 , 2015

These weekly posts will chronicle links to raise awareness of Geoengineering and Weather Modification activities worldwide in advance of the COP21 conference, where Geoengineering SRM lobbyists will seek funding for their global weather control agendas. As you read these articles, take special note of their tone, their agendas, and who would benefit from the article.

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The Guardian: COP21 climate marches in Paris not authorised following attacks

Revolution News: French Police Attack Cop21 Climate March

According to Agence France Presse, nearly 10,000 people took part in the human chain demonstration.

Following the human chain, many who participated then headed to join the gathering at Place de la République.

Despite the protest ban and pre-detention of activists some 4000 to 5000 citizens not so willing to give up their civil liberties had made it to the Place de la République which was entirely blocked off by an estimated 1500 police.

Hack Read: Anonymous Hacks UN Climate Change Site Against Police Attack on Cop21 March
The hacktivist group Anonymous breached into the website of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and leaked a trove of personal information of 1415 officials.
Washington Post: Scientists say Paris climate pledges aren’t enough to save the planet’s ice

The Week: The Paris climate summit: A brief guide

One team has proposed erecting a giant mirror in outer space to reflect the sun’s rays away from the Earth; another has suggested covering Greenland’s ice sheets in a shiny blanket that would reflect solar radiation. Perhaps the most feasible proposal is to use aircraft or powerful missiles to spray out large quantities of sulfur dioxide particles at high altitude, creating a sulfur cloud that reflects solar radiation.
York Daily Record: Overcoming Silos-of-Interest at COP 21 in Paris
Yesterday, my colleague Alan Pounds who is Resident Scientist at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve in Costa Rica, sent me a just-published major study he co-authored with more than two dozen other leading scientists from around the globe. This study looked at global impacts of ‘regime shifts’, which are major changes in the Earth’s biophysical systems, from the upper atmosphere to the depths of the oceans and from the Arctic to the Antarctic. To be sure, this study is far beyond the ability of most policymakers to comprehend. Nevertheless, the outcomes of their findings should inform the COP 21 negotiations. In an email, Alan told me, “We had been working on this paper for years. We are hoping that, in some small way, it will be of help at the Paris conference. It’s about the abrupt, step-like climate change that took place in the 1980s in many areas around the world (including Monteverde) and had important ecological consequences. I worry about the impacts of future transitions of this sort.” This article documents the vulnerability of our Earth to large scale human climate intervention.
YouTube: A Message to the Environmental Movement


Environmental Law Review: Solar Radiation Management and the voluntary carbon market
Climate models suggest that Solar Radiation Management (SRM), such as by means of Stratospheric Aerosol Injection, could counteract the warming effects of greenhouse gases, though not with total effectiveness. As far as the regulation of SRM is concerned, scholars have focused typically on public, state-based regimes such as those provided by international treaties. The evidence suggests that SRM may also cause a reduction in atmospheric CO2, thereby creating potential carbon credit accrual. The emergence of private interests, in the form of credits tradeable in the voluntary carbon markets, represents a new challenge for the effective public regulation of SRM. Without an appropriate response, major, novel and potentially unacceptable risks to the climate system, biosphere and society may occur.
National Observer: Bill Gates unveils the mother of all clean energy funds
Bill Gates is staging a major climate intervention next week when he is expected to announce the world’s largest clean energy research and development partnership.

Gates is joining with fellow billionaires in Paris as the landmark Conference of Parties (COP) 21 talks get underway in the French capital on Nov 30 that will inject major momentum into the summit. All that is currently known is that a group of developing and developed countries – including the USA and India – will double their clean energy research and development budgets, helped by funding from Gates and his fellow billionaires.

“I am doing it because I believe that the next half-decade will bring many breakthroughs that will help solve climate change,” Gates said of his investment plan in a blog post. “We need to be able to power all sectors of the economy with sources that do not emit any carbon dioxide.”

The Economist: If all else fails. Man-made global cooling is scary, but may become necessary
Some early satellite pictures contained what appeared to be scratches, says John Latham, a scientist who lives in Colorado. These turned out to be ship tracks—linear clouds that grow on aerosols emitted by ships as they traverse the seas (see image above). What has been done inadvertently could be done better deliberately. If ships were to create tiny salt particles from seawater in just the right places, water droplets would form on them. That would alter a type of cloud called a marine stratocumulus. With more droplets of a smaller size, the cloud would become lighter and thus more reflective. Seawater is innocuous; “it’s benign and it’s infinite,” explains Mr Latham. And marine stratocumulus clouds are so common that the Earth might be cooled substantially.

Bloomberg Business: Six Ways to Cool the Earth and Why They’ll Never Happen

The New York Times: The Dubious Carbon Budget

Nature: Impact Assessment, Geoengineering Challenges

Forbes: New Variety Of Rice Fights Global Warming And Global Hunger

The Financial Express: Time for a man-made solution for a man-made problem?

New Republic: How to Invent Our Way Out of Climate Change

In the context of climate change, geoengineering encompasses any attempt to modify the Earth’s climate. The National Research Council published a report in February evaluating current theories of geoengineering and arguing for federal funding to support further research. The council was particularly interested in exploring solar radiation management techniques, which would cool the Earth by reflecting more sunlight away from the planet. Although some see geoengineering as the Earth’s only viable future, to others the idea of messing with the Earth’s atmosphere or oceans to alleviate the consequences of manmade climate change seems horrifically irresponsible. On Slate, geophysicist Raymond Pierrehumbert wrote that “the idea of ‘fixing’ the climate by hacking the Earth’s reflection of sunlight is wildly, utterly, howlingly barking mad.” Others are worried about the moral implication of relying on the ability to fix climate change retroactively. “Just knowing that [these methods] are available is likely to reduce the world’s collective motivation to do the hard work of reducing emissions,” said Nemet. “But trying to address climate change without them as a backup plant might be even riskier.”

There are a variety of hypothesized methods of solar radiation management, although most have been tested only using computer models. Scientists could spray aerosols into the stratosphere or inject seawater into clouds to whiten them. Both methods would theoretically cause fewer of the sun’s rays to reach the Earth’s surface. Closer to the ground, roofs could be painted white for the same reason, although the total surface area of roofs across the globe is so small that this would have a limited effect. None of these tactics make the underlying issues of carbon dioxide go away, but climate change predictions are now dire enough that geoengineering may soon get some real-world trials. In 2014 a group led by Harvard professor David Keith published a “road map” for actually releasing small amounts of sea salt, sulphur ions, and other substances into the atmosphere to study their effects on clouds and the ozone layer.


Bloomberg: How to Slow Climate Change With a Fake Volcano. Mimic an eruption by spraying sulfuric acid into the stratosphere.

Advocates have been accused of playing God, committing chemical terrorism, weaponizing weather, even risking the collapse of civilization. Climate scientist Raymond Pierrehumbert of the University of Chicago calls the acid-spraying idea “barking mad.”
Ebook: The Planet Remade How Geoengineering Could Change the World by Oliver Morton [Ebook]

Ebook: What Really Causes Global Warming?: Greenhouse Gases or Ozone Depletion? By Peter Langdon Ward, Ph.D

YouTube: 1119 A Hippocratic Oath for Climate Intervention Research

YouTube: Reflective surfaces (geoengineering) Top #5 Facts

UK Daily Mail: Could blocking out the SUN stop global warming? Expert reveals the plan could ‘buy us time’ while we curb our emissions

Republic Buzz: Why is Neil deGrasse Tyson Promoting Geoengineering?

Korea Portal: Engineering Dynamics Expert Hugh Hunt Explores The Viability of Climate Engineering and ‘Block Out The Sun’ As A Way To Cool Down The Earth and Depleting Carbon Emissions

YouTube: Down the rabbit hole: #ourstolose People of the know talk about Geoengineering at Shasta County

Natural News: Geoengineering schemes to reduce global warming turn out to be vaporware

Oregon Live: Bill Nye the Science Guy believes air bubbles can save us from extreme climate change

Nye, for his part, is bullish on endlessly pumping air bubbles into oceans and waterways to reflect sunlight and thus cool the planet. Business Insider writesthat doing so in the oceans “would increase the thickness of bright-white sea froth and foam – thus making the surface of the oceans more reflective.

Zen Gardner: Former Commercial Pilot Continues Fight Against Geoengineering

FearTube: Technology to Stop Global Warming : NASA Documentary Lecture on Geoengineering and Climate Change

Cyrano’s Journal Today: Chem Trails, Etc.

Geoengineering Inquiries: Geoengineering: a crumbling world or a bright future?



The Irish Times: Climate change and me: An Irishman in Malaysia - COP21: Last week, in what should be dry season, the paddy fields near my house overflowed
The flipside of the changes in rainfall is the almost annual water rationing experienced in other parts of the country. It is not uncommon for the air force to carry out cloud-seeding in the hopes of provoking the rainfall needed to fill water reservoirs.
Singapore Now: The problem with cloud seeding
The small size of Singapore and the variability of winds also mean that the induced rain, if any, may not fall directly over our island. In any case, the rain will provide only temporary relief as the smoke haze would continue to be blown towards Singapore by the prevailing winds, should the fires in the region continue to persist. For these reasons, we have no plans to conduct cloud seeding, but we will keep the option open. ~ The National Environment Agency, Singapore

Kearney Hub: Glennon: ‘Expect conservation, higher water rates’

He labels some water crisis solutions as nonsense, including cloud seeding and most diversion proposals: Great Lakes water to the desert Southwest, melting glacier water from Alaska to the Lower 48 or any other projects crossing mountains or seas.
“These crazy ideas sometimes seem to have traction,” Glennon said.
Wall Street Journal: Gray-Sky Thinking
Langmuir went ape about cloud seeding, especially when Bernard Vonnegut, experimenting with clouds of his own breath inside a large freezer, found that silver iodide worked even better than dry ice. Now hurricanes could be drained and deserts made to bloom. GE became worried that if Langmuir did make a deluge, they would be held legally responsible. (Ms. Strand notes that an insurance broker from New York “wrote to warn GE about the many injurious effects that a manufactured snowfall might cause.”) The government was brought in, and a military project called “Project Cirrus” was formed. Experts from the Weather Bureau were sure than Langmuir had gone overboard in his enthusiasm, and they were right. Sometimes cloud seeding works, and sometimes it doesn’t, and which is which is not very predictable. In the early 1950s it was decided that having fun was not what GE researchers should be doing, and in 1952 Bernard left the company.
Reno Gazette-Journal: Lawson: Religious fanaticism now running rampant
Apparently, the DRI cloud seeding program has a budget of $1 million and the Carson Water Subconservancy’s portion would have been in the neighborhood of $250,000, which was deemed to be too expensive.
ex libris: The Value of Electric Power and Possible Effects of Weather Modification on Small-Scale Hydroelectric Production in Colorado

Business Wire: PG&E Honors Pioneering Female Meteorologist by Naming Company Award for Her

Mooney worked for PG&E from 1966 to 1994 as a meteorologist, leading an all-male department. Her team worked on cutting-edge issues ranging from cloud seeding and wind energy to helping PG&E prepare for the opening of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant.
YouTube: Cloud Seeding - Asia

The Herald: Met Dept warns of low rains

Mr Mupuro said there was need to enhance rainfall through national cloud seeding programmes and plans to implement the project were now at an advanced stage.
The Herald: Banks to fund farmers
The 2016 National Budget is prioritising cloud seeding, with $200 000 having already been disbursed in support of a fairly wider programme.
The Herald: Budget cuts threaten environment
Mr Chinamasa increased cloud seeding spending by 25 percent to $500,000. By September, however, Government had released just $70,000 of the 2015 cloud seeding allocation, says the 2016 Budget expenditure estimates.
Local 8 News: Jefferson County Commission talks guns, roads and cloud-seeding

Inquirer: DOF: Inflation likely bottomed out in Nov.

“The government should be more aggressive in improving agricultural infrastructure (repair and construction of irrigation systems and farm-to-market roads), importation of rice, cloud seeding operations to sustain ample supply of key food items to counter the effects of El Niño which threatens to reverse low inflation environment,” Beltran said in a DOF economic bulletin released last October.
Mucia Today: 30-year-old explosive devices found in Cehegin countryside
The explosives found were five rockets, six anti-hail and cloud seeding devices and three fairground fireworks,

Asian Correspondent: As dams empty, Thailand is facing a severe water crisis

Severe water shortages in central Thailand could even result in Bangkok running out of tap water as almost happened earlier this year. On that occasion, cloud seeding and the arrival of tropical storm Kujira ensured Bangkok’s tap water kept running, but a continued reliance on the unpredictable nature of tropical storms is not a long term solution.
Business Mirror: Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM) needs P1.5 billion to construct small-scale irrigation projects in 2016
Tejada added that the agency is continuing its cloud-seeding operations in areas affected by drought. These operations are conducted in cooperation with the Philippine Air Force and the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.

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New Publications

Kristjánsson, Jón Egill; et al. (2015): The hydrological cycle response to cirrus cloud thinning #TRM #ERM

Hope, Mat (2015): Impact assessment. Geoengineering challenges

Cao, Long; et al. (2015): Geoengineering. Basic science and ongoing research efforts in China

Selected Media Responses

ZDF: Operation earth climate (German video)

Bloomberg: How to Slow Climate Change. With a Fake Volcano

The Center for Carbon Removal: NGO Spotlight: Bellona

KIB: Climate Engineering – A Technofix to Solve the Problem of Climate Change?

arte: The Climate Gods (German/French)

The Economist: Geoengineering. If all else fails

FCEA Blog: What of 2C? – Aaron Kressig

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