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Reroute warm ocean currents to melt the polar icecaps!

“How to Change the North American Climate,” announced the headline of one modest proposal published in The Atlantic. How indeed? It’s quite simple, says the study’s author: Reroute the Pacific Ocean’s warm Kuroshio Current through the Bering Strait. “If the vast low-lying districts of Eastern Siberia and Western Alaska were sunk beneath the sea . . . it would open wide the road of this vast ocean stream straightaway to the pole.” And then . . . Paradise! Arctic temperatures would instantly rise by 30 degrees; the ice caps would melt, New England winters would become a quaint memory, and lawns and trees could commence “their march towards the pole.” [1]

Whenever the Alaskan gates to the pole are unbarred, the whole of the ice-cap of the circumpolar regions must at once melt away; all the plants of the northern continents, now kept in narrow bounds by the arctic cold, would begin their march towards the pole...It is not too much to say that the life-sustaining power of the lands north of forty degrees of latitude would be doubled by the breaking down of the barrier which cuts off the Japanese current from the pole. [2]

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