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Geoengineering and Weather Modification News – Week 46, 2015

Photo: Justin Broglio/Desert Research Institute A cloud-seeding generator station sits atop Ward Peak in the Sierra Nevada range.

Here is a summary of Geoengineering and Weather Modification News from around the globe for Monday, November 9 – Sunday, November 15, 2015

These weekly posts will chronicle links to raise awareness of Geoengineering and Weather Modification activities worldwide in advance of the COP21 conference, where Geoengineering SRM lobbyists will seek funding for their global weather control agendas.  As you read these articles, take special note of their tone, their agendas, and who would benefit from the article.

For more information on the real causes of Climate Change, see

For a full understanding of weather control history, who’s doing it, and why, see our amazing reference site.

If you want to get vast numbers of emails by propeller heads on Geoengineering, I recommend following this list (Groups/Google/Forum/Geoengineering), as I do.

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Climate change creativity for cirrus clouds and contrails control |  #Chemtrails

Cirrus ice clouds formed normally in the upper troposphere and contrails, shed by aircraft, impact climate and global warming due to prevailing cirrus clouds ice water content and crystal size. Contrail cirrus impact on climate change also comprises their influence on water vapor in the higher troposphere layer, which alter the infrared heat emission. The effect of commercial flights to climate change is of serious concern to the environmental conservation and climate change mitigation efforts. Therefore, it is imperative that the physical characteristics of cirrus clouds, contrails and their interactions be understood to devise anthropogenic solutions.

Ken Caldeira’s Geoengineering Group Posts

Joronen – CC & GE, implications of climate emergency framing

Weston Roundtable: Wil Burns Into the Great Wide Open? The Potential Promise and Perils of Climate Geoengineering

NPR Specials: Climate One – Fantasy And Denials

A handful of scientists want to tinker with the sky in a process called geo-engineering. Others call this arrogance. Most people simply aren’t talking about climate change at all. Why not?

2015 Science Day under the Scientific Groups of London Convention and London Protocol

According to the 2013 amendment to the London Protocol, Marine geoengineering is defined as of a deliberate intervention in the marine environment to manipulate natural processes, including to counteract anthropogenic climate change and/or its impacts, and that has the potential to result in deleterious effects, especially where those effects may be widespread, long-lasting or severe.


IMO: Revised guidance on radioactive waste adopted

Marine geoengineering study initiated
The meetings noted that a new international experts’ working group had recently been established, to explore the possible environmental impacts of marine geoengineering activities, such as those which involve the deliberate introduction of certain elements into the sea in order to stimulate CO2 uptake.

Working Group 41 of the Joint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection (GESAMP), an advisory body that advises the United Nations (UN) system on the scientific aspects of marine environmental protection, will work with relevant organizations with a view to producing a study aimed at providing a better understanding of the potential ecological and social impacts of different approaches to marine geoengineering.


Upcoming Events and Deadlines, Source (link, link)

09.11.2015, Lecture: Geoengineering the climate (Dutch), Delft/Netherlands

09.11.2015, Conference: European Carbon-Negative Conference, Brussels/Belgium

19.11.2015, Panel discussion: Do Hippocratic Oath Lessons Apply to Climate Intervention Research?, Washington, DC/USA

09.-12.12.2015, Summer School on Earth System Governance, Canberra/Australia

14.12.2015, Lecture: Experiment Earth: Responsible innovation in geoengineering (with Jack Stilgoe), London/UK

(updated) 14.-18.12.2015, Conference: AGU Fall Meeting – CE related papers, San Francisco/USA 

19.11.2015, Panel discussion: Do Hippocratic Oath Lessons Apply to Climate Intervention Research?, Washington, DC/USA

(new) 03.12.2015, Lecture: Into the Great Wide Open? The Potential Promise and Perils of Climate Geoengineering (Wil Burns), Madison/USA

09.-12.12.2015, Summer School on Earth System Governance, Canberra/Australia

14.12.2015, Lecture: Experiment Earth: Responsible innovation in geoengineering (with Jack Stilgoe), London/UK

14.-18.12.2015, Conference: AGU Fall Meeting – CE related papers, San Francisco/USA


New Publications

Jones, A. C.; et al. (2015): Climatic impacts of stratospheric geoengineering with sulfate, black carbon and titania injection

Djojodihardjo, Harijono (2015): Climate change creativity for cirrus clouds and contrails control

Moore, Nigel; et al. (2015): Climate Engineering: Early Reflections on a Complex Conversation

Burns, William C. G.; Flegal, Jane A. (2015): Climate Geoengineering and the Role of Public Deliberation: A Comment on the US National Academy of Sciences’

Lockley, Andrew (2015): Deliberate Destruction of Planets and Biospheres

Hansson, Anders; et al. (2015): Climate engineering

Buckholtz, Michelle Carolina (2015): Decision analysis for climate engineering research

Nowack, P. J.; et al. (2015): Ozone changes under solar geoengineering. Implications for UV exposure and air quality

Nye, Bill; Powell, Corey S. (2015): Unstoppable. Harnessing science to change the world

Diakun, Aladdin Tingling (2015): Clearing the Air on ‘Geoengineering’ and Intellectual Property Rights


Recommendations on Public Participation

Payne, Cymie R.; et al. (2015): Public Participation and Norm Formation for Risky Technology: Adaptive Governance of Solar-Radiation Management

Reynolds, Jesse (2015): An Economic Analysis of Liability and Compensation for Harm from Large-Scale Field Research in Solar Climate Engineering

Reichwein, David; et al. (2015): State Responsibility for Environmental Harm from Climate Engineering

Craik, Neil (2015): International EIA Law and Geoengineering: Do Emerging Technologies Require Special Rules?

Burns, William C. G.; Nicholson, Simon (2015): Introduction to the Special Issue: Climate Engineering Law


Selected Media Responses

EcoWatch: Can Geoengineering Tame Devastating Hurricanes?

Huffington Post: Cooling the Climate with Giant Seaweed Farming

the guardian: Scientists warned the US president about global warming 50 years ago today

Virgin Earth: The implications of demonstrating the economic removal of carbon dioxide from air

The Atlantic: Will Our Grandchildren Say That We Changed the Earth Too Little?

GreenBiz: Beyond emissions: The promise of products from captured carbon

Shift Magazine: Geoengineering: A Techno-Fix Solution for the Climate?

Science News: Geoengineering is world’s last hope, new book argues

San Diego Union-Tribune: Scripps scientists talk about climate change

FCEA Blog: The Planet Remade: Reviewed – Duncan McLaren

he Center for Carbon Removal: Intro to BECCS


Political Papers

Biofuelwatch (2015): Smoke and Mirrors. Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS)


Other News

Snowy Mountains Cloud Seeding Act 2014 |

COP21 Climate Change: Targeted Heating With Covert Geoengineering |

We Can Turn Down the Earth’s Thermostat, But Do We Dare? |

Solar Radiation Management Geoengineering |

Solutions: Cleantech, Energy Efficiency, CO2 Removal, Solar Radiation Management |

Geoengineering: Reducing solar radiation (SRM) Man made climate change!? |

Are we already geoengineering our planet? |

Homage TV on YouTube | “Digital Clouds


There’s a Good and a Bad Way to ‘Geoengineer’ the Planet |

The energy-balance model & geoengineering |

Scientists Warn Geo-Engineering Is Not The Answer To Climate Change |

Scripps scientists talk about climate change |

Geoengineering is world’s last hope, new book argues |

#cloud seeding experiment | videos from India


1,3 million farmers to get inputs |

Government’s interventions also include a fairly wide cloud seeding programme – starting this week – designed to improve rainfall following expert forecasts of normal to below normal rains for Southern Africa in 2015 /16

El Nino: A stitch in time saves nine |

Minister Chinamasa is well aware of the pressing need to force rain to fall, if it does not do that naturally. In the 2015 National Budget released in November last year, he proposed $400 000 spending on cloud seeding, a scientific process that stimulates rain to fall. But the Finance Minister needed a little push from the threat of inadequate rain in the 2015/ 16 season to release half of the planned spending on clouding seeding just last month.

MB urged to declare water crisis in South Johor |

As famine threatens… a re ipelegeng |

Southern Johor Facing Water Crisis, Warns DAP |


More Information on Geoengineering


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