Here is a brief summary of weather control propaganda from around the globe for Monday, November 2 – Sunday, November 8, 2015

These weekly posts will chronicle links to raise awareness of Geoengineering and Weather Modification activities worldwide in advance of the COP21 conference, where Geoengineering SRM lobbyists will seek funding for their global weather control agendas. As you read these articles, take special note of their tone, their agendas, and who would benefit from the article.

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WHY ARE GEO-ENGINEERING RESEARCHERS BEING STONEWALLED? - Exclusive: Chuck Norris questions government ‘gag orders’ on several agencies

Chemtrailing is the “public’s term for the classified [covert] and ongoing artificial modification of Earth’s climate systems using reflective nano-materials (aerosols) to reflect sunlight. The aerosols are dispersed via jet aircraft trails that expand into reflective artificial clouds.”

Critics might accuse popular proponents like Dane Wigington ( of being conspiratorial, but there’s global scholarship to back many of his claims.

Climate Law Volume 5, Issue 2-4, 2015 -

Geoengineering: a crumbling world or a bright future? - SPICE, oh my! -The Public Perception -

Tasmanian Government announces $2.2 million package to help struggling farmers -

Mr Rockliff said Hydro Tasmania’s cloud seeding efforts to increase rainfall over the Midlands in October had not been successful.

“The conditions weren’t quite right for that so there wasn’t a lot of success, but we will continue to talk to Hydro as to how we might progress another cloud seeding project.”

Thousands of Indonesians pray for rain -
“We already operate four aircraft to conduct cloud seeding,” he said, adding that nearly 300 tons of salt has been sown over the last five months.
Rain starts to extinguish forest fires -
The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) predicted that the rain would last until this weekend and thus the government is intensifying its cloud seeding effort to induce more rain.
Joint Firefighting Team Takes Off to Douse Flames in S. Sumatra -
The joint task force deployed seven helicopters and three fixed-wing aircraft for the water bombing mission, while one Cesna plane was tasked for cloud seeding, according a statement from the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB).
DA readies cloud seeding operations, CEBU, Philippines -
With the intensifying El Niño, cloud seeding operations are ready in case water levels in dams particularly in Bohol province, which is the main production area in Central Visayas, reach a critical level, an official of the Department of Agriculture said.

The strange and increasingly popular practice of cloud seeding -

Rainfall on demand now big business -

He’s flying a King Air B200 prop jet above Maharashtra, India, towards a dense, bruise-coloured monsoon cloud more than 6,000m from top to bottom.

Pederson’s in the cockpit with Shahzad Mistry, the rookie co-pilot he’s training; next to the fridge-size computer that’s humming and blinking as it records meteorological data is Prakash Koliwad, CEO of Kyathi Climate Modification Consultants, a cloud-seeding company based in Bangalore.



Make It Rain: How Cloud Seeding Programs Are Saving Countries -

Air pollution in Indonesia falls to its lowest levels -

The authorities have attributed the significant improvements to the sporadic but heavy downpours that started early last week. To take advantage of the increased cloud cover over the two islands, the government has ramped up cloud-seeding operations to create artificial rain in a bid to put out the lingering fires.
Multiple Linear Regression: Cloud Seeding By: Laila Rozie Rozie Vimal Vimal -

Burns, William C. G.; Flegal, Jane A. (2015): Climate Geoengineering and the Role of Public Deliberation: A Comment on the US National Academy of Sciences’ Recommendations on Public Participation -

Jones, A. C.; et al. (2015): Climatic impacts of stratospheric geoengineering with sulfate, black carbon and titania injection -

“Cirrus ice clouds formed normally in the upper troposphere and contrails, shed by aircraft, impact climate and global warming due to prevailing cirrus clouds ice water content and crystal size. Contrail cirrus impact on climate change also comprises their influence on water vapor in the higher troposphere layer, which alter the infrared heat emission. The effect of commercial flights to climate change is of serious concern to the environmental conservation and climate change mitigation efforts. Therefore, it is imperative that the physical characteristics of cirrus clouds, contrails and their interactions be understood to devise anthropogenic solutions.”
Kurt Vonnegut’s Electric Literature -
As its title suggests,The Brothers Vonnegut is a narrative with a double focus: It juxtaposes Kurt’s slow rise to literary fame with Bernard’s scientific exploits at the House of Magic. In the late ’40s and early ’50s, Bernard was working on something called “Project Cirrus,” a weather modification initiative that had its origins in wartime research on aircraft de-icing. Bernard, along with Langmuir and several other G.E. scientists, developed an experimental method called “cloud seeding,” which involved shooting pellets of dry ice (or later, silver iodide) into clouds in order to freeze the moisture within them, thus releasing latent heat and, ultimately, the scientists hoped, producing rain. When the initial trials of this technique appeared to be successful, there was considerable excitement from both the media—“Man Does Something About Weather,” the New York Post triumphantly announced—and the military, which immediately partnered with G.E. to develop cloud seeding as a potential weapon.
Grangemouth petrochemical plant Firth of Forth Scotland Making Clouds - Leice Forum


[see WeatherWar101 for more information on water vapor pollution like the image above]


Met department seeks funds to buy weather radars -

Zimbabwe - This year the department has predicted that the country will receive normal to below normal rainfall and has requested the Government to provide it with funding to conduct cloud seeding.
Don’t confuse farmers, Made -
Zimbabwe -“Farmers should work closely with the Meteorological Services Department (MSD) and cloud seeding should take the centre stage. We shouldn’t faulter on that,” he said.
Boost for DDF ahead of farming season -
The Meteorological Services Department’s forecast follows the Southern Africa Regional Climate Outlook Forum (SARCOF)’s prediction that there will be normal to below normal rains in the whole Southern African region. Agriculture Minister, Dr Joseph Made, recently disclosed that Government had this year set aside $500,000 for cloud seeding, of which it had already paid $250 000 to the Met Depart for the exercise.
Arizona Residents Speaks Out Against Geo Engineering Chemtrails; Please Circulate -


Coming soon: Tomorrow’s Food with Dara O’Briain -

Dara then heads to Texas where they’ve had five years of drought and are using a technique called ‘cloud seeding’: releasing a small amount of chemicals from a plane to produce rain, enough to supply a city the size of San Francisco.
Review: ‘Thunder & Lightning’ by Lauren Redniss -

Some of the stories are familiar — the Dutch prince lost in the fog off Newfoundland, the naming of the smell of rain, the cloud seeding done strategically by the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War, the Old Farmer’s Almanac “prediction” of murder on the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

We can try cloud seeding and make rain -

The situation has prompted young upcoming Batswana scientists to think of other measures to arrest the situation. One of the measures includes a process called CLOUD SEEDING, which is a process of making artificial rain. Science and technology has advanced so much that there is nothing left undone or unexplored. People have reached the skies, literally and famines and droughts are strategically given several appropriate solutions that could drive these hindrances away.


Rain Guns Not Permanent Solution to Farming Needs: Experts -

Admitting that the government’s decision is to go with the rain guns, and not take up cloud deesing (Megha Madhanam) like the Congress government earlier, the scientists observed that rain guns could only provide temporary relief to farmers. The farmers could not perform all their irrigation activities only with rain guns, they maintained.

Compared to cloud seeding, which requires a huge budget, the government could provide rain guns to farmers at cheaper prices. But, at the same time, rain gun irrigation will not prove to be useful for all kinds of crops, the scientists opined.

Government conducts cloud seeding operation to increase Angat Dams’ water level -

GMO propagandist Neil deGrasse Tyson also pushing massive geoengineering to alter the atmosphere with chemicals -

“Think about it: We run away from volcanos, we know how to tap a keg — let’s tap the volcano, take the pressure out so it doesn’t explode, use the thermal energy to drive the power needs of a city. We run away from hurricanes, we’re not there yet. Imagine if we controlled the energy of the earth — oh, my gosh. Then we can control where it rains (and) how much it rains. We’re just these scurrying, scared things.” ~ Tyson (VIDEO)
Can Geoengineering Tame Devastating Hurricanes? -
Polar scientist John Moore and colleagues reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that their exercise was a test of a hypothesis: a “qualitative indication” that geoengineeringcould help reduce hurricanes.

Co-author Ben Kravitz, a climate scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in the U.S., said: “We’re looking at possibilities now, in case the world needs these options down the road.”

Cooling the Climate with Giant Seaweed Farming -

The science behind cloud-seeding -

Another concern some have is that cloud-seeding could spur litigation based on beliefs that altering natural precipitation patterns in some areas could lead to droughts or floods in other nearby areas.

For example, in 1974 the Montana Wilderness Association filed a lawsuit against a hydroelectric power company pursuing cloud-seeding projects. The MWA argued that cloud-seeding would alter or harm the natural area. The power company cancelled its cloud-seeding plans before the court could rule on the issue.

In North Dakota in 1981, plaintiffs argued that Weather Modification Inc., the company assisting with this year’s study in the Bighorns, caused a downpour that lead to flooding and damage of the plaintiff’s property. Procedural issues prevented the courts hearing this case from ruling on the plaintiff’s claims.


Climate Change or men Changing the Climate, that is the question….

Climate Change Rears Its Head on the Tibetan Plateau -

In recognition of the region’s growing environmental problem, the Qinghai Meteorological Authority set up in 2008 a center to monitor climate change within the province. The center was also responsible for conducting cloud seeding to make artificial rains when there is drought, especially in the Three Rivers region, according to Xinhua News Agency.

The Efficacy & Consequences of Cloud Seeding -

The big question is does this actually work? Does cloud seeding actually make rain? The most current evidence that answers this questions says that while it is theoretically possible, no conclusive proof has ever been produced for its actual efficacy. Meaning, we don’t know.

Stop road- and water-project earmarks, experts say -

Five small earmarks, totaling $4.1 million, that go to the Department of Natural Resources. Those include programs to protect sensitive plant and animal species, cloud-seeding and watershed rehabilitation or restoration.

Dara O Briain: ‘I’m the enthusiastic amateur standing next to the expert’ -

The science of food is a haven for quacks and pseudoscience – presumably you encountered some fairly dodgy claims while making the show?

No, we didn’t – this show wasn’t used as much to do that. You could say we were speculating about whether or not this seaweed pill reduces fat, but we make our claim very tentatively and we make it on the back of hopefully better research. The one thing you see from us is it’s all marginal gain. The days when we find the “magic bullet” for things are over. We have this cloud seeding, which is a good example. We went up into a cloud and shot silver iodide into clouds. You don’t get a sense of a switch being flicked and rain coming down, but actually [the expert said] if it is raining anyway, this will add 2% to the rain. And we went “oh”, and there was a slight deflation. And then he went “in an area this size across the year, that’s the same amount of water as San Francisco uses”. And you go “fair enough, OK”.

ELAM: Put degrees on a diet? -

Meanwhile, the State of Texas has been busy establishing serious standards for all sorts of occupations. A glance at reveals this sample of license categories. Elimination of Architectural Barriers, Barbers, Boilers, Auctioneers, Water Well Drillers, Used Auto Parts Recyclers, Tow Truck Operators, and yes, Weather Modification (cloud seeding).

El Niño threatens PHL banana exports -

Philippines - Antig said the cloud-seeding operations of the government offers little hope as it cannot cover huge plantations. He is urging the government to construct more irrigation canals not only for rice but also for other crops.

More Information on Geoengineering


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