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Cloud Seeding on Weather Modification History

Charles Mallory Hatfield “The Moisture Accelerator” Makes Rain For L.A., Floods San Diego - MAY 1905 - JANUARY 20, 1916

“Charlie Hatfield “The Rainmaker””Watch this Video on YouTube

Vincent Schaefer, Irving Langmuir, and Bernard Vonnegut invent Cloud Seeding - NOVEMBER 13, 1946

Project Cirrus, First Hurricane Cloud Seeding Experiment - OCTOBER 13, 1947

Irving P. Krick’s Ground-based Cloud Seeder - DECEMBER 1949

Cloud Seeding Projects in the USA (1952-1965)

Project Skywater: Atmospheric Water Resources Management - 1961 - 1988

“Mountain Skywater - Colorado River Basin Cloud Seeding Pilot Project - 1971”Watch this Video on YouTube

Weather Modification - Water Information Program, Southwestern Water Conservation District (SWCD) Colorado

The Colorado Water Conservation Board administers the state’s cloud seeding program, issuing permits and providing funding. For more information, please visit their website. For a touch of history, watch this video, by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation about cloud seeding.

Cloud seeding off to a strong start for 2018-19 winter season

“Cloud Seeding to Increase Snowpack for Ski Resorts in Colorado 2018/2019”Watch this Video on YouTube

Colorado Cloud Seeding Generators (2019) Map

Colorado Cloud Seeding Status Map (updated daily):

Central Colorado Mountain River Basins Program cloud seeding generator map
ground based cloud seeding generator map

Idaho Power Company Cloud-Seeding (Generators) Map

ground based cloud seeding generator map
ground based cloud seeding generator map
“36 CLOUD-SEEDING TOWERS USED TO ENHANCE SNOWPACK by Idaho Power Company”Watch this Video on YouTube

Cloud Seeding, Santa Barbara County Public Works

“Cloud Seeding”Watch this Video on YouTube

Santa Barbara, California Cloud-Seeding (Generators) Map

ground based cloud seeding generator map
ground based cloud seeding generator flare tree

An intense senate debate; cloud seeding; human rights. Twin Cities PBS

Dr. James Roger Fleming on “The Mothra Effect”

“Dr. Jim Fleming and Jim Lee on a Weather Warfare Solution (quote at 10:29)”Watch this Video on YouTube

China’s radical $168 million weather control system revealed: Scheme to boost rain and snow for an area double the size of FRANCE gets go ahead

  • Program will rely on 4 new planes, 8 upgraded craft, 897 rocket launch devices
  • It will also use 1,856 devices connected to digital control systems, officials say
  • Project will take 3 years, will increase precipitation in an area of 960,000sq km

China needs more water. So it’s building a rain-making network three times the size of Spain

China’s Making it Rain: The world’s largest rain farm will generate a Mongolia-sized cloud to quench China’s thirst

Map of Chinese Cloud Seeding Generators in Tibet

An Ode to Pluviculture - 1891

“The Rhyme of the Rain Machine” by F. W. Clarke

Said Jeremy Jonathan Joseph Jones
“The weather is far too dry,
So I reckon I’ll have to stir my bones
And try the effect of concussive tones
Upon the lazy sky.”

So Jeremy Jonathan Joseph went
Away to the nearest town: And there his money was quickly spent
For queer contraptions all intent
To make the rain come down.

There were cannon, and mortars, and lots of shells,
And dynamite by the ton;
With a gas balloon and a chime of bells
And various other mystic spells
To overcloud the sun.

The day was fair and the sky was bright,
And never a cloud was seen;
When Jeremy Jonathan set alight
His biggest fuse and screwed up tight
The joints of the rain machine.

He fired a shot, and barely two,
When the sky began to pale;
The third one brought a heavy dew,
But at the fourth tornadoes blew,
With thunder, rain, and hail.

It rained all night and another day,
And then for a week or more;
It flooded the farm in a scandalous way,
And drowned poor Jeremy, sad to say,
Who Couldn’t stop the pour.

O! Jeremy Jonathan Joseph Jones,
Your farm was fair to see;
But now a lake lies over its stones,
From whose dark bosom horrific moans
Are heard noctallee.

To check the flood you started,
I’ve heard All efforts were in vain;
Until the Bureau at Washington stirred,
And stopped the storm with a single word,
By just predicting – Rain!

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