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Wi-Fried: Cellphones, Electrosmog, Blue Lights, and 5G!

Nano-Blenders Thesis 17th November 2015

Resonance: Beings of Frequency ◦ A Must-See Documentary

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Antenna Search: find towers near your house

ClimateViewer 3D Cellphone Tower Map

Map based on FCC 2012 database of registered towers. HUGE map! May not load on slower/old devices.


NSA TEMPEST Attack can remotely view your computer and cell phone screen using radio waves!




We all know how important it is to protect our eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays; but what about the harmful effects of blue light rays?

Blue light has a dark side

Exposure to blue light at night, emitted by electronics and energy-efficient lightbulbs, can be harmful to your health.

To improve health, cities are changing their streetlights

f.lux - Reduce Blue Light From Your Computer Monitor (free)

The Most Epic Jack Kruse Interview EVER! EP #75 & #76, The Life Stylist Podcast

What if I told you that your diet and exercise habits are not the most important factors in determining your health, and longevity? Sounds crazy right? Well, according to much of the latest scientific research, it’s not. It turns out that the lighting that most of us spend the vast majority of our lives in is ‘junk light.’ And it might just be worse for your health than junk food.

So how do you know if the lighting in your home and work environment toxic? Unless you’ve gone to great lengths to optimize all of the light that you’re exposed to your daily life, it’s a given that your brain, eyes, and even sleep are being adversely affected.

As much as we all love and depend on artificial lighting to allow us to operate after dark, the fact is that we humans have evolved to thrive in three types of light: sun, moon, and fire. The LED and fluorescent lighting that illuminates our phones, computers, televisions, homes, cars, streets, and places of work is not natural and is extremely detrimental to our well-being on many levels.

Our guest Dr. Jack Kruse takes us on a fascinating journey into the heart of this current crisis in great detail. You will be shocked to learn of the multitudes of health issues and diseases directly linked not only to our exposure to ‘non-native’ lighting but also to the dangerous electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) that unfortunately blanket the entire planet.

In the tradition of The Life Stylist Podcast, Jack delivers not only the bad news but also a host of straightforward, practical tips on how to still enjoy the modern conveniences of artificial lighting, and electronics, while mitigating some of the serious risks involved.

If you know someone who depends on and enjoys their technology, but also strives to maintain optimum health, this is the show to share with them.

When you share this podcast with a friend, you are not only helping them but also supporting my mission to enlighten humanity, by continuing to bring the most brilliant minds in health and wellness to the mainstream.

May the longtime sun shine upon you,


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Implications of EMF Exposure Limits on Output Power Levels for 5G Devices Above 6 GHz

Impact of EMF: limits on 5G network roll-out

Christer Törnevik, Senior Expert, EMF and Health
Ericsson Research, Stockholm
ITU Workshop on 5G, EMF & Health
Warsaw, December 5 2017

Everything You Need to Know About 5G

Millimeter waves, massive MIMO, full duplex, beamforming, and small cells are just a few of the technologies that could enable ultrafast 5G networks

Millimeter Waves Travel More Than 10 Kilometers in Rural Virginia 5G Experiment

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