Christopher Fontenot: Ionospheric Heaters, Waves from Alfven to ELF – ClimateViewer TV Ep. 2

Christopher Fontenot is the creator of A Microwaved Planet and frequent speaker at the Electric Universe events.  Chris and I discuss the Van Allen belts, flux transfer events, shear-alfven waves, ELF generation, HAARP and the Sky Heaters, and everything in between.

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A Microwaved Planet


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  1. I am an amateur for sure but I have been interested in science from an early age, so this stuff makes sense to me, it’s absolutely frightening! So many things humanity could be doing to enhance our lives, this isn’t what I started out to write, but this sounds like the perfect formula for earth extinction. Well what I wanted to say is thank you, because truth though sometimes painful, is of utmost importance in my life. Jim you kick ass, please continue!


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