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DOS-based Weapons Effects Apps from the Defense Nuclear Agency (DNA) 1984

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DOS-based Weapons Effects Apps from the Defense Nuclear Agency (DNA) 1984

This new addition to the Archive will be accumulating public domain software that provides simulation and modelling of nuclear weapon effects, and conventional weapon effects too if it seems appropriate. I have a project in the works to develop a nuclear weapon effects calculator in Java. Stay tuned!

All files below are stored in the zip compressed archive format.” Brian Davis’s Excel spreadsheet of blast and thermal radiation effects, 16 K (1/27/97)

DOS Weapons Effects Programs from the Defense Nuclear Agency (DNA)

These programs were developed under contract of the U.S. Defense Nuclear Agency (now the Defense Special Weapons Agency). They are “validated”, that is they are assured of giving accurate answers. Unfortunately they are plain old DOS (since they date from 1984). Thanks to Jim Kajpust for passing these on to me!” Nuclear Weapons Effects, 180 K (1/27/97)” High Explosive Blast Effects, 174 K (1/27/97)


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