I attended G. Edward Griffin's conference "Global Warming: An Inconvenient Lie" in 2015 and when I arrived I became violently ill. I was supposed to give a presentation on stage, however I had been throwing up all night and running a 100+ degree temperature. I was approached by Dr. Brad Weeks and he offered me Rain's SOUL and CORE products. In less than one hour I felt like a brand-new man, my temperature dropped, and my nausea was gone. I was able to go on stage and nobody there even knew I was sick.

I experienced a small miracle that day and I intend on using this product to support my immune system and cure my Grave’s Disease. I am currently taking SOUL daily and I strongly suggest you try this product if you want to experience an amazing source of nutrition: SEED POWER!


Naturally Fix My Grave’s Disease GOFUNDME.COM/FIXMYTHYROID


"We’ve taken a huge step forward in solving the world’s nutrition problems by creating a completely new category of health supplements. They are one hundred percent non-GMO and derived directly from seeds. We call it seed-based nutrition. The process is really a revolutionary one.

We use a cold-press process, which obtains the potent benefits of super-seeds, and then make them bioavailable for human consumption. The seeds we use have been studied extensively and have proven health benefits. Those benefits they provide are much more concentrated than even fruits or vegetables."

If you have any questions about this product or wish to become a distributor, please feel free to contact me:

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