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Globalist Technocrats are replacing the natural water cycle and only you can fight climate change today to stop them: Clean our Oceans, Plant Trees, and Ban Pesticides ... Continue reading

Ionospheric Heaters, Chemtrails, Satellite Surveillance, Kamikaze Satellites, Kidnapper Satellites, Lasers, and Space Warfare ... Continue reading

Sounding Rockets and Satellites dump chemicals and Ionospheric Heaters (Incohernent Scatter Radars) microwave them! Check the out the facts! ... Continue reading

Over 700 newspapers proving that your rain experiments have been happening for over a century! ... Continue reading

70 years of rockets and satellites dumping chemicals in space, and nobody knew! See the full history of Upper Atmospheric Experimentation! ... Continue reading

The core “weather resonance” technology and primary intellectual property are protected by treaties and strict security protocols which surround the project. ... Continue reading

China is building a geoengineering system in the South China Sea that can knock out communications systems, but some scientists believe it could have more alarming uses such as causing natural disasters like hurricanes ... Continue reading

See these epic reactions from Main Stream Media weather reporters to questions about! ... Continue reading

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