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Russ Tanner (Global Skywatch) Gatekeeping in private messages to anyone who posts links to,, or on his Forum or Facebook pages:

Thank you for your contributions to the Global Skywatch Facebook group. We ask, however, that you not post links to the Weather Modification History website or the Climate Viewer website, or any related videos. These websites promote disinformation that echos disinformation from the EPA propaganda program.

The author of these websites believes that jet trails are caused by commercial jet fuel additives despite an abundance of evidence to the contrary, including testimony from military whistle blowers. We have notified him of his gross error, but he has chosen to continue to be an outlet for EPA propaganda which states: "commercial jet fuel additives cause jet trails".

The websites also contain many fabricated historical news articles that are being used to re-educate the public in the false belief that jet trails have been saturating the skies of the world since the 1950's. Such propaganda is called "revisionist history" and has been used by government propaganda machines throughout history. You can learn more at this link:

The owner of these websites (Jim Lee) promotes propaganda that is profoundly-damaging to our entire movement; the same propaganda that the EPA is using to confuse the public and marginalize our efforts to expose chemical aerosols ("chemtrails").

Thank you and I appreciate your understanding.

"I believe that 98% of what we see in the sky is pollution." —Jim Lee

"I believe that 90% of chemtrails come from commercial flights." —Jim Lee, "The Problem with the Chemtrail Community", 28:20

More information can be found at this link:

Russ Tanner’s posts bashing my work:

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It was a conspiracy! Military experiments on unsuspecting public

Chemtrails, Calmatives, and Terrorism

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Henry Kissinger, the CIA, and Weather Warfare

Operation Popeye, Motorpool, Intermediary, Compatriot: Weather Warfare Over Vietnam (MARCH 20, 1967 - JULY 5, 1972)

CIA Project Nile Blue - Rain Embargo on Cuban Sugar Crops (1969-1970)

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The CIA - Cloud Seeding, Chemtrails, and Rogue Geoengineering - ClimateViewer TV ep. 9

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The CIA, Weather Warfare, and Climate Terrorism

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CIA Backs $630,000 Scientific Study on Controlling Global Climate

CIA Director Brennan Speaks at the Council on Foreign Relations

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Dear Gatekeepers: I WILL NOT BE SILENT!

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