Report Chemtrails with NASA GLOBE Observer App – 2 Weeks Only!

The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) program has issued a cloud challenge for the next two weeks, asking citizen scientists to report their local cloud conditions.

NASA has created an app called the GLOBE Observer to collect cloud reports and the GLOBE Visualization System map to display those reports. This setup is very similar to my reporting app ClimateViewer Reports and ClimateViewer 3D in name and function, however GLOBE Observer is designed specifically for geo-locating photos of clouds on your Android or iPhone!  Think Pokemon GO! meets storm chasing or cloud spotting.


  • Chemtrails
  • Contrails
  • Persistent Contrails
  • Spreading Contrails
  • Contrail Cirrus
  • Contrail Induced Cloudiness
  • Aviation Induced Cloudiness (AIC)
  • Aviation Induced Cirrus
  • Induced Cirrus Cloudiness
  • Jet produced cloud cover
  • Man-made clouds
  • Artificial Clouds

This is a limited time chance to get your polluted sky into a data-set that will be studied for years, don’t miss this opportunity.

  • The Cloud Challenge data-set is a time capsule.  We need to show as much sky as possible.
  • People report chemtrails every day on Facebook, this post is forever.
  • Your friends will tell you not to post because you will have to click “contrail” instead of chemtrail.  Both words are bullshit, click contrail and press on.  Your photo will show a contrail, chemtrail, aviation induced cloudiness, contrail cirrus, artificial clouds, or plane-farts. Whatever you want to call them, they are all clouds.  Report the ones you hate, but don’t forget to report some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, I’ll be watching.
  • Your photos will help scientists better understand one of the greatest unknowns in science today: cloud-aerosol interaction and cloud effects on climate.

“Aerosol-cloud interactions are one of the main uncertainties in climate research.” Ulrike Lohmann, Miriam Kübbeler, Johannes Hendricks and Bernd Kärcher “Dust ice nuclei effects on cirrus clouds in ECHAM5-HAM” AIP Conf. Proc. 1527, 752 (2013);

[SPECIAL NOTE]  Just like Pokemon GO!, your location is required.  You will have to turn on location services to post your cloud report so NASA knows where the photos were taken.  If this makes you paranoid, go to Google Maps GPS Coordinates, type in your hometown, move the marker to a location near you (not near your house, lol) and use the nearby latitude and longitude instead. Remember that altering GPS data by more than 50 miles is screwing up scientific data, please spoof responsibly.

I have tested the Android version of this app and I have to say it works pretty well.  I made this short video showing me using the app:

Below is the official press release from NASA:


Cloud Challenge

Date: August 31 – Septemeber 14, 2016

NASA invites you to participate in gathering observations of clouds as part of a two-week campaign to help all of us better understand our changing home planet. From August 31 to September 14, you can meet this challenge by downloading and using the GLOBE Observer app to observe clouds wherever you are.

The GLOBE Observer Cloud app has all the information you will need to make your observations. The app automatically records latitude and longitude, date and time. It will help you estimate the percent of cloud cover and cloud type. Finally, it will guide you through taking photographs in all four cardinal directions, straight up and straight down.

While you can take observations any time, the most valuable observations happen when a NASA satellite is overhead. To find out when a satellite is over you, click “check satellite flyovers” in the app. Current NASA satellites that observe clouds include Aqua, CALIPSO, CloudSat, NPP, and Terra. Learn more about these satellites.

Your observations will help us all to understand how clouds may be changing as climate changes, particularly as they allow us to see small features that are not visible from satellites and to identify cloud types that automated satellite sensors cannot. GLOBE is now the major source of human observations of clouds, which provide more information than automated systems.

Science is a collaborative endeavor, and community is an important aspect of this challenge experience. People engaged in GLOBE Observer become part of the national and international GLOBE community of learners and scientists across more than 110 countries around the world.



Also see GLOBE’s Cloud Protocol, it’s sure to make some of you mad, but hey, it’s all semantics.

The GLOBE Observer app is available in iOS and Android formats.

IOS app via the App Store

Android app via Google Play

Download the app and get reporting people, that’s an order!



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ClimateViewer 3D



  1. Seriously? Reporting on something that the government knows full well where the clouds are is like telling a bear where his fur coat is located. Absurd. If NASA or any government entity is wanting the public’s information, they are up to something and it doesn’t sit right.


    1. most common complaint: NASA will have my GPS, fuck that. NASA is part of the government, the app only works on cell phones, if you are worried about the government knowing your location you would not own a cell phone. FFS! People are so gullible. Any cop can find you in ten seconds using the cell towers, FB has your location, and so does TPTB.

      Post a photo and quit your bitching i say.


      1. Again, the stupidity of reporting to an agency as to where the chemtrails are is hilarious. They are causing the trails and they know exactly where they are. Why do they need the public to tell them what they are doing? It’s about getting a feel for how many people are onto the scam. No one should be reporting any damn thing to NASA.


      2. If I don’t trust the government whatsoever, then I certainly wouldn’t help them in anything that they do. There hasn’t been one thing in the past several decades that the government has done that is a benefit to the people. The war we are fighting is against those that want to control us and everything around us. The weather, our minds, the planet in general are all on their agenda.


  2. Hello from southern Saskatchewan, Canada. I have been observing chemtrails for fifteen years now. During a recent travelling to the west coast and back, I have some interesting observations. I have never downloaded an ap, so skip that. In “cities” of ten or twenty thousand you get fifteen chemtrails and hour. In “hamlets and villages” four or five during morning and evenings, Ergo, the larger the population base the greater the coverage. While travelling through California and arizona last year, it was a chemtrail freakshow. I have taken photo’s of five jets side by side in unison spraying the San Fenando Valley (yeah veggies). The same for Tucson. The hardest part for me is to get anyone to belive that that is happening. On four occasions I have seen thin blue lines extend in front of the jets. as if they were following them. Once the ther was a double blue line. I have friends to validate those experiences. On other occasions we hear jets really close and just above us, on a clear day, and see no evidence of jets or planes whatsoever. That’s it for me. Harreson Waymen


  3. so they are spraying again today started 200:pm,have you ever wondered why airport security is so important, well it makes people forget and tiered also angry ,so sick of this and have been tracking this for months nothing is normal in the sky as a milky white film covers the valley and cant see the mountains clearly it is a surprise when we can see the mountains clear. people have no idea and have been talking to others to educate the


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