A severe Winter storm on the East Coast appears to be quite anomalous with many speculating the possibility of ice nucleation being created. Will this devastating “snowpoclypse” lead to crippling economic setbacks? Are we seeing the side effects of geoenegineering out of control? On tonight’s show, Clyde Lewis talks with geoengineering researchers Jim Lee and Matt Landman in WEATHER WARS: ENGINEERING THE THIRD HORSEMAN

Discussed during the show:

West Coast Cloud Seeding Supercharges Winter Storm Jonas




  1. Jim needs to be on every talk show out there. He brings the reality of TRUE science and proven historical geoengineering data to people living in confusion and skepticism about our climate. You want answers? You want truth? Want to understand what is going on around the world and how geoengineering is effecting ALL life of this beautiful planet? Jim Lee is providing a deep examination into who, how, and what is dramatically altering our weather over land and in the seas, and how it is affecting all of us – insects, fish and mammals, plants, and humans. The time has come to step up and demand some answers from the authorities because they are doing this TO us without our permission. — If you are reading this, I’m singing to the choir, and it is time for all of us to be singing at the top of our lungs: STOP GEOENGINEERING! YOU ARE KILLING ALL LIFE ON EARTH AND WE WANT YOU TO STOP! NOW! TODAY!

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