A Geoengineering fictional video

Video by Oscar Escobar
Video source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5SB_wpYA6c

DISCLAIMER: This video is a work of fiction. Audiences are advised not to confuse it with real life incidents.

By the University of Bergen and The 7th Framework Programme

It is part of a website by Paula Curvelo as a PhD project titled The Geoengineering Debate Website

“Launched in December 2012 and was designed to promote a space for reflection and debate on the social and ethical implications of geoengineering”

The page: https://sites.google.com/site/geoengineeringdebate/home

You are also invited to read:

Geoengineering, despair and the political extremes: false choices and deniability.

No! Political extremes be it from the left i.e. socialism etc. or the right i.e. T parties etc. do not present viable alternatives to geoengineering.

In fact they seem to be opposite sides of the same coin.

By opposing research into geoengineering, which could shed light into the effects of fossil fuel aerosols emissions, the extreme left perpetuates the ignorance providing cover for the same fossil fuels they claim to loath. Another dynamic of the purported opposition to geoengineering by the extreme left is how abhorrent their underlying philosophies are, to the point of almost making the unpalatable prospect of geoengineering sufferable.

The extreme right does pretty much the same with its deniability of anthropogenic climate change, even opposing scientific endeavors that would shed light on the matter, helping the polluting industries avoid responsibilities, and in the process displaying a philosophical ‘irrational egoism’ destructive even to their own populations.

Others, perhaps feeling helpless, witnessing this well-rehearsed dance, are throwing up their hands in despair. This is also not the answer, and may in fact complement the inaction synthetized by the extreme left-right dialectic.

So what is the answer?

Openness, vulnerability and accountability… ?

I do not know.

But I think that knowledge, scientific knowledge, and open genuine debate based on facts could put us on the path to finding the right answers.



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