Who Owns the Weather?

Posted by Mishelle Shepard on Wednesday, March 4th 2015 on PeaceCorpsWorldwide.org

I’ve been inspired by all the talk of “crazy weather,” which we are certainly not alone in experiencing here in East Texas, where today’s temperature is 70 degrees and tonight’s temperatures will fall into the low 20s.  So, I did a bit of digging on what, or whom, might be responsible for these dramatic shifts.  It took only about six hours to compile this list, which will surely make it quite clear what is happening.

I didn’t expect my initial queries to prompt the question, “Who Owns the Weather?” I suspect that question sounds to many of us as similar to when the white man first asked the native Americans: “Who owns the land?“  If someone ever asked me that question, which they have not, I’d reply with knitted brow, “No one, of course, you can’t own the weather!”

And I’d be as wrong as those native Americans.  In fact, the selling of weather has a very long history.

Weather Control Timeline


So, to answer the question, Who Owns the Weather?  I’ve got the answer:  The CIA owns the weather, duh!



No, actually, it’s the military.


They call it Geophysical Warfare, so catchy!

The military has expressed its intentions to use the climate to its advantage not only on the battlefield, but over the homeland.

The US. military is actively engaged in:

  1. cloud-seeding with Carbon Black Dust
  2. boring holes in clouds with dry ice and lasers
  3. creating contrails for darker night-time operations and blocking surveillance satellites
  4. creating virtual-antennas using our ionosphere.
  5. making mobile ionospheric heaters to replace HAARP.
  6. trying real hard to destroy the Van Allen Belts, who needs them?


Secretary of Defense William Cohen - Eco-Terrorism and Weather Warfare - Geophysical Warfare
Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy
Sam Nunn Policy Forum
April 28, 1997 University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia.


Nope, wrong again.  Wall Street owns the weather!

They call it: “Weather derivatives”





Oh wait no, I must be getting really confused now, the Russians and Chinese own the weather.



Silly me, I see now, each individual State owns their own weather, which is organized in an association for everyone’s convenience.

Need more information about weather modification in general or about the Weather Modification Association? Feel free to contact either the current President of the WMA or the Executive Secretary/Treasurer for more information. Additionally a link is included below that contains contact information for the Executive Board and Trustees of the association.
President of the Weather Modification Association: Joseph Golden

Clear as mud yet?

In fact, it seems anyone can own the weather, provided you can afford to manipulate it.

“Upon requesting the service, a crack team of pilots and meteorologists will begin meticulously planning the operation, which takes about three weeks and utilises particles of silver iodide to condense the water vapour from clouds into rain. Costs start at £100,000, but then this is some superhero-style weather modification we’ve got going on here – and what price perfection?”


Nothing to worry about though, it seems they’ve all got it quite under control, right?



For the most comprehensive information I’ve found so far (WOOT):



On another note, if you are interested in following my other blog, Kensho Practicals, here’s the latest:



 For more information see our Geoengineering Section


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