Chemtrails and the Lies between the Lines

Chemtrails and the Lies between the Lines

“Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see”
– Ben Franklin

If you have not heard by now, or looked up at the sky in the last ten years, there is a big fuss over little white lines.  Aircraft have created contrails (below) for well over 40 years, however recently these frozen pollution plumes are gaining visibility in a big way. [1], [2]  The internet is buzzing with rumors of secret agendas and global depopulation schemes by devious government officials using “chemtrails” sprayed from commercial airliners.  As incredulous as this claim may sound, we have attempted to find a definitive answer to the question “Why in the world are they spraying?” and the answers may shock you.

MODIS Terra Corrected Reflectance (True Color)
Persistent Spreading Contrail as seen by the MODIS Terra Corrected Reflectance (True Color) satelllite, 11/14/2013 on Climate Viewer 3D

What is a Chemtrail?

  1. IMPROPER: internet slang for “chemical-trail”, referring to contrails
  2. CORRECT: (noun) the invisible exhaust particulates released from jet aircraft engines which contribute to the formation of persistent contrails (spreading, man-made clouds that cool the planet during the daytime and trap heat at night). • [3][4][5][6]
The young contrails, which appear as a spring shape and sharp lines in the first image, gradually spread into cirrus clouds, which appear as bright white areas in the lower images.
The young contrails, which appear as a spring shape and sharp lines in the first image, gradually spread into cirrus clouds, which appear as bright white areas in the lower images. source –  Atmospheric Science: Seeing through the contrails

So why continue to use the term chemtrail, if we are really talking about contrails?  The invisible (chemtrail) exhaust plume of a commercial aircraft is filled with sulfur, soot (carbon black dust), and trace amounts of aluminum, barium, and so much more! [7][8][9]

Is the indirect forcing by aircraft soot positive or negative - zhou
Is the indirect forcing by aircraft soot positive or negative – zhou.pdf

Chemtrails are cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) which saturate these man-made clouds, and in some cases may actually be increasing the contrails longevity. [7][10]

Contrails are only visible when atmospheric conditions are right, with the latest research showing a link between contrail formation and the ISSR, or Ice Super-Saturated Region, which is a large water body in the sky. [11]

The distinction being made here is this: chemtrails are still there, harming our environment and health, even when there are no visible contrails.  

  • A round trip flight from New York to Los Angeles releases as much C02 as one automobile does in an entire year.
  • On a yearly basis all air travel releases 600 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • 1 round trip flight from NY to LA = 2,000 pounds of CO2![12]

The chemical species released during the fuel combustion process in aircraft engines include carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and sulfur oxides (SOx) along with small amounts of soot carbon (Csoot), hydrocarbons (HC), and carbon monoxide (CO), as shown in Figure 1. Once released at cruise altitudes within the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (UT/LS), these species interact with the background atmosphere and undergo complex processes, resulting in potential climate impacts and related welfare loss as depicted in Figure 1. [13]

source: Evaluating the Impacts of Aviation on Climate Change


If you Google search “chemtrail,” you will see the very first entry is the Wikipedia article entitled “Chemtrail conspiracy theory.”   The first line on that page states:

The chemtrail conspiracy theory posits that some trails left by aircraft are chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for purposes undisclosed to the general public and directed by various government officials.  This theory is not accepted by the scientific community, which states that they are just normal contrails, as there is no scientific evidence supporting the chemtrail theory. [14]

Based on the Wikipedia article’s statement, which seems to sum up the online debate between the “chemtrail believers” and “debunkers,” we can extract the following two points of contention: Are they normal and are they deliberate?

1. Are contrails “normal”?

The answer to number one should be obvious, yet scientists and debunkers cling to their belief that contrails are “normal.”

TRUTH: A  fire-breathing metal tube is boiling its way through the sky, farting out man-made clouds.  There’s nothing normal about that, AT ALL. Contrails are the result of our desire to travel long distances through the air, which is not only “unnatural,” it is hurting our planet.

2. Are contrails deliberately being created?

TRUTH: There are as many organizations trying to end contrails as there are promoting the idea of creating artificial cloud cover.

There is strong evidence that the US. military has intentions to create cloud cover to defeat space-based surveillance satellites and weaponry, scientists worldwide want to create cloud cover to block sunlight and control global temperature, the aviation industry is moving to bio-fuels in an effort to avoid carbon taxes, and re-routing flights in an effort to and end contrails.

We at ClimateViewer would like to believe that what we are seeing in the skies is the result of the poor regulation of aviation fuels and their additives, not weather control efforts or collusion by nefarious entities to cull the herd.  Besides, if they have been trying to kill the masses since the conspiracy started in 1997, they are failing miserably.

There is also an overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence that other individuals ‘would like’ to use commercial airplanes to perform cloud seeding and/or geoengineering.

Geoengineering SRM seeks to block sunlight and cool the planet using reflective particles, however recent research is finding that contrails are not an effective method for fighting global warming. In fact, studies have shown that they are making it worse.

“the latest (June 2013) estimates indicate that contrails caused by aircraft may be causing more climate warming today than all the residual CO2 emitted by aircraft” [15].

However, there are two sides to this argument:


A. Scientists saying creepy stuff:

  • “Use commuter aircraft fuels doped with aerosol generators” [16]
  • On the possibility of weather modification by aircraft contrail [17]
  • Weather Modification by Carbon Dust Absorption of Solar Energy [18]
  • “dissolved or suspended in their jet fuel and later burned with the fuel to create seeding aerosol, or (2) injected into the hot engine exhaust, which should vaporize the seeding material, allowing it to condense as aerosol in the jet contrail” [19]
  • “Options for dispersing gases from planes include the addition of sulfur to the fuel, which would release the aerosol through the exhaust system of the plane, or the attachment of a nozzle to release the sulfur from its own tank within the plane, which would be the better option.” [20]
  • “The particles may be seeded by dispersal from seeding aircraft; one exemplary technique may be via the jet fuel as suggested by prior work regarding the metallic particles. Once the tiny particles have been dispersed into the atmosphere, the particles may remain in suspension for up to one year.” [21]
  • “regulation to ban bunker fuel for ships should be relaxed while encouraging continued use of bunker fuel where the resulting aerosol emissions might be beneficial.” [22]
  • Establish the positive and negative net forcing from contrails, and encourage flight paths of commercial airplanes to reduce positive or increase negative net forcing. The ban on polar flights, lifted recently, should be reintroduced” [22]
  • “Develop and test the deployment of suitably reflective particles, of such materials as TiO2, as alternative or supplement to sulphate aerosol.”  Prepare for large scale deployment.
  • “Finance the development of, and deployment capability for, marine cloud brightening, with a view to deployment on a large scale in spring 2013″  [22]
  • “Suitable chemicals need to be identified/confirmed, with stock-piling of these cloud seeding chemicals.  Aircraft need to be kitted out to spray these chemicals.” [22]
  •  Prepare the supply and logistics for spraying aerosol precursor in large quantities, preferably into the lower stratosphere, for deployment by next March or April (2013) [22]

B. Scientists saying that creepy stuff won’t work

  • “Stratospheric passenger flights are likely an inefficient geoengineering strategy” [23]
  • “Commercial aircraft ‘not viable strategy’ for geoengineering” [24]
  • “Conspiracy theories that target specific research can have serious consequences for public health and environmental policies,” “Conspiracy theories are dangerous when the meme is used to discredit scientific evidence in a public forum or in a legal proceeding,” and “…scientists need to be careful about releasing findings on controversial issues, making sure they have been thoroughly reviewed and that the data sets are available for others to analyse” [25]

With statements like those seen in section A, one might understand why individuals would cast a wary-eye skyward, however, those are only statements, and we have found no evidence (to date) that any of these programs are currently operational. Surprisingly, neither chemtrail believers nor debunkers have considered that there is evidence the military is once again entering the world of secret weather modification.

In their Weather Modification Test Technology Symposium 1997 [26], USAF Phillips Laboratory’s Dr Arnold A Barnes Jr. gave a presentation building on the 1996 think-tank piece: “Owning the Weather in 2025” [27] where he informs us of the following:




Now why in the heck would he be talking about contrails in relation to surveillance/coverage?  Here’s your answer:

“The United States needs to incorporate the defense against directed energy weapons with the same intensity used developing anti-ballistic missile defenses …  ability to create localized fog or stratus cloud formations shielding critical assets against attack from energy based weapons…” [28]

You heard that right, Star Wars.

Straight from the horse’s mouth: lasers, spy satellites, and man-made clouds. Of all the plausible reasons for the aerial oddities we are seeing, this one seems the most likely.  There are well-documented examples of the US. military carrying out secret aerosol programs, dispersed by plane on unsuspecting individuals, and keeping them secret for years. [29]   Nonetheless, we must make use of that which we can prove lest we waste our time.

While we debate whether these contrails are normal, depopulation schemes, weather control, or satellite cover, nobody is talking about the truth:

Chemtrails are the poster-child for climate change, a highly-visible pollution, with massive amounts of public outrage attributed to them.

The Bottom Line:

  1. Chemtrails are invisible, contrails are filled with chemtrails, BOTH OF THESE ARE CLOUDS, the two words can be synonymous, and do not necessarily have to be associated with depopulation conspiracies.
  2. “Chemtrail conspiracy believers” and “debunkers” are not discussing the real-world implications of aviation pollution.
  3. The Geoengineers want to make clouds.
  4. The US. Air Force wants to make clouds.
  5. The Cloud-Seeders need clouds.
  6. There are man-made clouds everywhere

The next time someone tells you, they know this or that about contrails/chemtrails, tell them:

“The scientists are still scratching their heads, why are you so damn confident?” [30]:

Evaluating the Importance of Aviation on Climate Change
Evaluating the Importance of Aviation on Climate Change

That’s right:


“significant issues”

“poorly understood”

“NOT well understood”

“NOT understood”

“Potential cloud effects: UNKNOWN



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Stay tuned, we’ll keep you informed on the latest research in the Chemtrail debate. Our next article will delve into the world of bio-fuels, “Climate Optimized Routing of Flights”, and so much more!

For more information on this topic, please see our Feature: The History of Chemtrails

More info here:

Geoengineering and Weather Modification Exposed

Update here:

Contrails, Geoengineering, and the Single Fuel Concept



  1. Oh you are so full of shit. Open your eyes and look up occasionally. It is clear as day that they are spraying us with heavy metals.


      1. Your insult filled response tells me you either:
        1. Could not understand the information and references.
        2. Did not read the information and references.

        I do not receive pay from any entities, your baseless accusation makes you look silly.
        That patent list, linked from Dane Wigington’s website is similar (yet smaller) than the list I made:

        I debate actual geoengineering scientists, not your imaginary ones: href=”

        I suggest you read a little more before deciding to slander someone, here is my feature on:

        Geoengineering and Weather Control:

        I’ve done my homework, have you?


      2. the proof is the fact they can mitigate contrails, the military has been doing it successfully since the dawn of the jet age. Stop flying where you can make contrails, attach the proper apparatus to mitigate contrails. end of problem, but wait, they are deliberately making those lines in the sky now aren’t they…………………….


  2. Bullshit, everyone has seen jet planes flying leaving no trails at all while cruising or take off, and we’ve seen contrails( notice you didn’t correct that word, I believe it’s an abbreviation for condensation trails). the CHEMICAL TRAILS we are seeing so much of are much different, bigger thicker plumes that hang around a lot longer than contrails do. how do you explain so much of it and all the weird patterns, also the smell when there is a lot going on. And if it was just exhaust wouldn’t planes leave a big white trail on take off when the engines are under full power.


    1. 1. A specific combination of temperature and humidity are required for contrail formation. This combination is not found near the ground.
      2. Contrail is a shortened version of condensation-trail. You are correct.
      3. We agree that some planes dump pollution more readily than others, just like that smoking car you saw in town. The only difference? The guy in the car would get a ticket.
      4. We, nor any scientist, cannot fully explain the interactions causing contrails to linger. Cloud formation is poorly understood. The only case of successful cloud creation we know of is the NASA rocket in Alabama. =)
      5. You cannot smell something 20,000 feet over your head. Further, it will not land on you. The air at that height is fluid, like a river, and whatever is directly over your head may never land. Finally, check the EPA Toxic Release Inventory and find out if there are any manufacturing plants farting chemicals upwind of your location:
      6. Again, chemtrails are invisible and exiting the plane at takeoff. When they get to a certain height (where the water is) they boil it, which mixes with their chemical exhaust (chemtrail), making CONTRAILS.


  3. What’s the point of everyone being able to post on this site where that is all that one can do? They have been spraying SRM/Chemtrails over NKY / CVG area all the time more than I could ever hope to post, even last night into the evening and still today ongoing.

    What really needs to be done is to know the logistics involved – Put a stop to the transportation of these chemicals within the trucking industry and this spraying will cease! Or at the very least, be significantly reduced having only those contracts regarding its transportation that they can do within themselves in their networks.

    Target the infrastructure in this regard and this will change everything – This is what people need to be aware of and start doing systematically everywhere

    Stop the Trucks!


    1. Define “these chemicals”
      Therein lies your answer
      Send me a list of all fuel types (Jet A, B, JP8, JP8 +100) by manufacturer and every legally (or otherwise) allowed additive that could possibly be in “these chemicals” and we will scour the MSDS sheets and give you a million reasons for REAL concern.


      1. Jim, the chemicals are well known, and it is those of which I speak that you know as well. Not the Av gas for the planes. Really, I am at a loss regarding your response? Apparently, you misunderstood my intent and I regret I was not clear. Please forgive me…point being, target the manufacturers who make these chemical and their logistics / transportation, indentifying these compounds and matching them with their corresponding patents through their BOL and intercept them – Just like most of everything in our world – Stop the trucks and you will see how quickly chemtrails cease, not to mention, just about everything else in our modern society. It is well known regarding our “on time delivery systems today” stopping the trucks, groceries stores, gas stations etc…will be empty in three days or less and society will begin to unravel.

        We have not yet reached this threshold in our efforts to negate their powers by force. Perhaps, we never will in that aspect, perhaps we shouldn’t in that regard; for it is only an outward component in addition to other causes and their effects. Even those being greater, making this all trivial, nonetheless, in its matter, as such, being real and substantial in 3rd density, which we move and have our being. Only then, through physical intervention by force must be apparent, by those of equal and greater force to stop it. That was the imply I was trying to make. That is the reality…. being equal or greater to… their strength or, simply by fighting fire with fire, or as…. might against might, being that mentality, such as it is.

        For me, I understand that there are better ways that are more preferred to combat what they are doing, but greater men than I in its knowing and even greater still, in applying its applications of that knowledge. It is possible to change its effects by altering the very cause and chemical composition of those chemicals and compounds themselves, being used against humanity. Men like those who now operate in TPTB but who are silent among us, whom they themselves also know the secretes and power of Light, Vibration and Frequency. It is they who need to come forward. Men who understand Light and all of its principles, men who knows the works of Walter Russell, Nicola Tesla, as well as the ancients, men who knows how to alter time and space, as well as matter itself, by the secretes these men know.

        We ourselves are capable to master this knowledge when we reach its understandings, knowing too, that we can alter what TPTB are doing in this 3rd density upon the planet by the power of our minds over matter, when applying its knowledge and its principles by law, when we realize we can… in the mental as well as the physical. Until then, we must rely upon those being greater than ourselves, for we have not yet reached their mastery of the sciences. For a better understanding of the Alchemy, one would do well studying the works of Walter Russell and the Russllian sciences, the Kybalion, the works of Tesla and others…. and connect the dots in their scientific principles in counter balancing these elements and their compounds, by their opposites polarities, pressures and frequencies, making them…….. inert!

        I contend that that TPTB indeed already know how to nuturalize what they have done to the earth’s atmosphere and to its soils, by these very principles and their corresponding technologies I profess to exist, as indeed they do by those who have such advanced knowledge, becuase they know they can reverse its effects.

        The call is sent out to men and angels alike who have heard our calls and who will come out from their repose, to engage the darkness of the human heart itself and shine their light and knowledge unto us all. Until then, let us have that hope. Even while we are left to fight within our knowing through our sensing in matter alone and by its methods, for which we all understand all too well indeed. Our technology and their weaponization of it, which they wield against all men with fear against all that is called God, for it is indeed, that which is the antichrist itself and…… it is us.

        Therefore, I say let us all awaken and project the light of knowledge against the clouds of ignorance in our skies today being used against us in and by their power. Let the light of truth and knowledge in its power, shine even greater than theirs such as it is, for only the true light will shine upon the hearts of men once again, and we will all see the bluest of skies in their original purity and we will behold the life giving rays of the sun beaming upon the earth, giving her, her life giving abundance as it was intended for all of God’s creation to behold under the sun. Then, let us once again marvel the heavens above it, shining in their glory for all to see freely in the mind and body of God within man himself as One with God for such is the great design.

        We are capable to overcome…… knowledge is the pursuit of wisdom; let us not perish for the lack of it.

        Keep making a difference Jim, for you matter much to all and greatful am I as well as so many for it, because of you!



      2. I wanted to add clarification to the closing statement whereas my thanking Jim seems unwarranted especially to one who stands is such opposition to which is overwhelmingly apparent, for those who know what the truth is concerning Chemtrails that needs no further debate here. In this format, we, who have such understanding, can reach those who by his efforts have become miss informed and in that context, I am thankful for him granting me the ability in this electronic format to shine the real light of truth against that which he professes to project, of which, is not truth at all, but rather CounterintelPro at work by TBTB themselves, who supports this program. To that end, I am thankful for him making a difference because he serves a greater purpose by it. Therefore, to his audience of you, I am grateful to say, come out from among them and be not deceived any further by the torrents of disinformation and half truths that this program projects to you…you are being lied to with great cunning and deception, follow your own heart, but certainly divorce your conditioning in everything this web site projects as truth, for their indeed……there is no light of truth in it at all.


  4. 100% with you on this one Jim. We need to focus on cold hard facts, no matter how that may contradict our own beliefs. Only then can we take the appropriate action. There are way more important things to focus on. In particular your article on the 10 most polluted sites in the world was spot on and pretty damn scary too. Keep up the awesome work mate!!


  5. I live in a suburb of Atlanta and have seen, twice this week, four small jets that criss cross the sky with vapor trails and then head, in orchestrated fashion, from various points for Dobbins Air Force Base, at about 5 minute intervals, without leaving trails. Small white jets with red tails. I am convinced their behavior is deliberate, they are not traveling from point A to point B, and I think they are experimenting with a global warming antidote. I suppose they are doing it in secret because they haven’t even admitted there is a climate change problem yet.

    You missed a very hot lead in all your research, which is the 1996 DOE technical paper by Dr. Edward Teller, “Father of the Hydrogen Bomb,” titled “Global Warming and the Ice Ages: Prospects for Physics Based Modulation of Global Change.” The paper is on DOE’s website:

    Can there be any greater example of conspiracy than the Manhattan Project which employed 600,000 people, spent billions of dollars, over several years, to develop nuclear fission without the knowledge of Congress?

    I believe my eyes. I see regular contrails occurring at the same time that the “chemtrails” at lower altitude spread to form a cloud cover. I see the aluminum dust on my car’s windshield. I see the planes, emitting trails and then not emitting trails. And I see them come from various directions to turn towards Dobbins AFB. I hear them. Their noise pattern is distinct from the flight patterns of Hartsfield International Airport which I have lived with for 27 years. (I work out of my home so am here much of the time.)

    I agree that regular jet fuel is also harmful to the environment. I definitely do not have confidence in our government to “play God” without harmful consequences. Ironically, using jets with their powerful warming emissions to combat global warming is totally counter-intuitive. It is brought to us by the same minds that hold the world hostage with the threat of Mutally Assured Destruction.

    Someone’s getting rich …


    1. Hi Glenn. Nice comment. Certainly sounds weird to have aircraft working in unusual patterns. Personally the whole hype about commercial aircraft and airlines being part of a “Grand conspiracy” does not help and possibly detracts from what are potentially real issues. I am a firm believer in evidence based facts though. I would recommend using some of the aircraft tracker sites to see what and who these aircraft are and don’t be afraid to contact them and ask what they are up to. Also, if there is any way to get samples of the aluminium on the windshield would help. Remember there may be other sources such as factories. If someone is screwing with us, we wont fight them with heresay and rumours. Take care…G


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  7. I’ve lived in San Diego for over 40 years. In 1997, I started noticing these trails. In the past decade, they’ve drown out our sunshine and cooled our beautiful days by 20°. The skies are being blatantly whitened by reflective material which drastically changes our weather in a matter of hours. If that emperor is naked, I’m going to call him naked. You can keep telling people lies, we have eyes.


    1. yeah, pollution sucks, especially the kind that blocks out sunlight. And don’t get me started about all the acid rain…


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  9. Condensation trails start accumulating at a short distance after the the plane.
    “Chem” trails start immediately upon exiting the engines exhaust, period!


    1. Bless you…Trails start at different points depending on the type of aircraft and engine, their height and speed and of course the condition of the air at that given time. Typically, newer jets with clean-burning engines, especially those built to be more efficient, will have a trail that starts further from the engine. Older, slower aircraft will often have trails that start just behind the engine. Where they fuelled up may also be a factor. I’ve worked for airlines for over 25 years and been all around them. Trust me…there ain’t no special chemicals being pumped into them. At least not commercial airliners. Period.


  10. hmmm….aluminum oxide showing up in samples of airline cabins, in the soil, in our water. what a coincidence. i love the convoluted flight paths that no sane air traffic controller would ever warrant normal. trails “turning on and off?”…..yes, i guess pilots turn aircraft engines on and off for fun. now you’ll offer up some happy horseshit story that conditions vary THAT DRASTICALLY to account for this phenomenon. how about planes conveniently turning their transponders off when you direct a planefinder app at them?….yeah ok. this is clearly a classified military operation, superior smug “scientists” waving their PhD’s with arrogance are clearly gag ordered. why don’t you use your scientific “brilliance” for good, rather than the annihilation of society? do you really think we were all born yesterday and can’t see what’s clearly going on over our heads? go to hell.


    1. Marty…Have a look at the ocean. Have a look at ocean currents, waves, swells, all that kind of shit. Now look at the atmosphere and imagine it like a big ocean hanging in the sky, cause it ain’t that different. Clouds in case you hadn’t noticed, are water. Tons of water. Admittedly in such a fine form they are not heavy enough to fall to the ground, but they don’t just sit there because god though it might look pretty. Have a look at a satellite picture or weather map. Particularly one that shows wind movements at different altitudes and jet streams etc. There is sooooo much going on up there it mind-blowing.

      Now imagine where two densities of air meet and due to the conditions there might be some form of waves at the junction. An aircraft travelling along that path will fly in and out of differing densities and if the conditions are right, the contrail may look like it’s “turning on and off”…pretty simple really.

      As for planes turning off transponders because your “app” can’t see them, I would be very much surprised if commercial airliners turned-off their transponders. Pretty sure it will be your “free-online-app” that is at fault. But go ahead and believe what you will.

      And don’t you dare go and tell me I’m just some industry shrill or troll. I’m more aware and active by far than most people and spend my time making conscious music. I just know my battles to pick!


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  13. Right on Marty! I share this site’s link to “the weather modification organizations, universities and derivative traders” with a lot of skywatcher sites/pages. I was very disappointed to see this part of the site myself. Am I to understand that someone who runs this site is actually this confused and/or trying to confuse people? Has Jim not gone to , a site listed on the above mentioned link? An organization that I knew about long before I found this site. They modify aircraft for spray programs. The “contrails”, “persistent contrails”, “hybrid contrails” and whatever other comical term confused people use, do not come from the engines. This Jim person also tries to deflect away from the health and population control implications by saying, if they’re trying to kill us…..blah blah. It’s a slow kill brother Jim. Those that seek truth also know about Bill Gates giving billions to geoengineering research. And we also know that Bill Gates is one of those sociopaths that thinks the population should be decreased. So the pilots (some), and the scientists may not know they’re helping Gates’ and pal’s cause. I’m old enough to know that younger and younger people are way more unhealthy and even dying of chronic diseases now that only the elderly were once afflicted with. And I’m not talking about video game obesity. I’m talking about chronic lung diseases, and “severe allergies” which actually feel nothing like allergies. More like your brain oozing from your skull. So while(some)of these bushwhacked scientists and pilots are believing they’re helping “global warming”, they’re poisoning us and causing more damage to the atmosphere. They are told to not discuss the health implications at the conferences or their grants will get pulled. Then you have David Keith the geoengineering shill running around trying to do damage control. I think Jim thinks we’re all newbs to this topic around here. Or he’s a newb by all standards. There are many experiments being done overhead. I’ve seen the planes stop laying their fake clouds when the conditions are preventing them from sticking. Like high winds, or it’s just too hot. They’ll keep sending out feeler planes hour to hour to lay a few and see if they’re sticking. If they won’t stick, they give up. It’s comical almost. And here today, in Austin, and for the last 2 days, our weather is how it used to be. Clear, deep blue skies, it’s beautiful and my head does not feel three feet thick. Why? Because there are 4 Presidents in town this week for LBJ Civil Rights conference. We are not an industrial city smothered by “pollution”, so the haze that spreads from this spraying to block out the sun, because global warming ninnies and NATO think they are god, is not pollution. Hardcore skywatchers have filmed plenty of spray days and we’ve all seen the haze form and make chemical soup. You can tell the difference in the thickness of the air when they spray. That is if you’re really watching and paying close attention. Jim please reconsider this pseudo intellectual skeptic tactic. It’s not going to fly. pardon the pun.


  14. Absolutely, spot on, couldn’t agree more and Jim is comes across as one those folks that good at talking shit, a kind of pathological type to or maybe just a trouble maker as he puts forward half truths and mistruths and all the while relies on facts? facts from who, and what makes all of his sources reliable when there is such a concerted effort stonewall and manipulate the public un mass???


  15. Late reply,
    but it sounds like cloud seeding to me… “chemtrails” contain pretty much everything that is in cloud seeding planes (aluminum, barium, thorium, etc). And this 100% happens, and is considered geoengineering.

    Good or bad, they are definitely attempting to control the weather. This article is a link to cloud seeding that was done in Calgary, AB to help control a hail storm. The cloud seeding planes are paid by insurance companies trying to decrease claims.


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  17. Just because the scientists pretend to scratch their heads on the topic of clouds doesn’t mean they are really confused about.
    It is quite clear from the literature that cirrus clouds (contrails are artificial cirrus clouds) have a net warming effect whilst the lower clouds have a net cooling.

    You have scientists like Fletcher proposing in the 60s cloud seeding over the Artic in order to melt the ice.
    I think it’s well understood which explains all the fake head scratching.


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