California bluefin tuna may have been contaminated by radioactive substances from Fukushima

NHK: The samples come from 20 bluefin tuna caught off California between May and August of last year. Researchers at Stanford University studied the same fish and said they detected low levels of radioactive cesium. They concluded the source of the contamination was the nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. […] Now, [Kinki University Professor Hideo] Yamazaki and his team will analyze the tissue to measure the levels of cesium. […] He says people would face no risk even if they ate the samples. He’s studying fish that migrate across the ocean to understand how radioactive particles spread in the environment.

Professor Hideo Yamazaki, Kinki University: The tuna could have been contaminated off the coast of Japan. They could have also absorbed radioactive substance that traveled across the Pacific. I can think of numerous processes of contamination. We need to do a detailed study to find out exactly what is happening. […]

Watch the full video here: Nuclear Watch: Pacific Tuna Survey

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