Christina “RadChick” Consolo, Founder & Host of Nuked Radio

Christina "RadChick" Consolo, Radiation Research and Mitigation, Climate Viewer News
Christina "RadChick" Consolo, Radiation Research and Mitigation, Climate Viewer News

Christina “RadChick” Consolo
Radiation Research and Mitigation
Founder & Host of Nuked Radio
Climate Viewer News

“Our lives all changed on 3/11, except nobody told you” 

After 25 years of working in the medical field, and running a large clinical research center in Michigan, I found myself on the other side of the Medical Industrial Complex, as a patient with severe fibromyalgia from a flu shot, and a career-ending spinal cord injury. I began researching the Fukushima accident during my recovery, and became very alarmed at the lack of attention this catastrophe was receiving. The first clue that the reactors were breached were reports of “neutron beams” being visualized around the site, even miles away from the reactor buildings, early into the accident.

Neutron Beam

Neutron Beam over reactor building, March 14 2011

The next few days were spent on the phone with every smart person I knew, trying to figure out what was really happening. My interest in nuclear energy had always been peripheral…I was a junior in high school when Chernobyl happened in 1986, and having lived in Europe for part of my childhood, I was intensely fascinated with what transpired over the following years, such as the rampant, debilitating diseases, and genetic mutations, that were occurring in children. But this was not an accident that I expected to ever be affected by personally. Studying this in greater detail more recently, I learned otherwise. Mutation study was a hobby, and as an avid gardener I was always looking for examples in nature.  I don’t recall ever finding a single one though, before Fukushima. Little did I know, but my career and other interests had somewhat prepared me for the intense research I was going to need to do, to get answers to my questions about the accident. In ophthalmology, my specialty had been teaching Optical Coherence Tomography, using spectrometry (similar to HAARP technology) to image the structures of the eyeball.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) of a neurosensory retinal detachment

I taught this emerging technology to physicians and fellows at Academy meetings, and as a special guest lecturer at the Duke University Department of Visual Sciences. Much of the lecturing I did was due to the large number of children I had contact with, that suffered from severe cancers of the eye and head. We saw pathology every day that most eye doctors only saw once in their career.  The physicians I worked with were world-renowned, and in very high demand for their expert opinions on rare anomalies. In 2006, we started seeing the direct effects of horrendous mutations brought about from the use of Depleted Uranium in the population of Iraq, and some of these children were also brought to our clinic. Before that, genetic mutations of the eye were extremely rare, except from the Chernobyl accident. The implications of radiation as a direct cause was only whispered and speculated about among physicians, as very little public information was available about DU.

We started seeing more and more interest from doctors worldwide, and the images we were getting from King Khaled and other eye hospitals were bizarre and shocking. The correlation of congenital anomalies and DU later become incontrovertible, and it is only because of high-ranking whistleblowers such as Dr Doug Rokke, MD and Dr Leuren Moret, PhD that the far-reaching effects of DU have come to light


Some of the affected babies were born to US soldiers who had spent time in these contaminated areas.  I have friends and family that work in the heart of the Military Industrial Complex, as well as in the nuclear industry; from War Games at the Pentagon – to building bombs for the DOD – to decommissioning of previous nuclear accident sites and spills.


Dr Hermann Muller conducting fruit-fly experiments

They have helped me conduct much of my research about DU, Chernobyl, Fukushima, Three Mile Island,  nuclear weapons construction, atmospheric testing, transport of radioactive fallout in the ocean and air, the bio-concentration of isotopes in organisms, the synergistic relationship between chemicals and radiation (multiplier effect), and the politics and numerous safety issues of the nuclear industry. Since Fukushima, my interests have evolved from the accident itself, to the health effects of radiation and how fallout from the accident will affect our DNA. I discovered that the association of mutations and radiation had been known since the 1920’s, first described by Dr Hermann Muller, who was later awarded the Nobel Prize for his research on radiation induced mutations of Drosophila Melanogaster (fruit fly).

Considering Muller’s fruit flies experiments, the Chernobyl children, DU babies, and our ever-growing database of mutation images post 3/11, the subsequent health effects of Fukushima fallout causes me great concern. The majority of my study on nuclear issues has been through perusal of scientific reports and papers, as well as first-hand testimonials from the populations affected by nuclear accidents. I estimate that I have read over 9,000 studies and research papers in the past 3 years. Still, I feel as if I only know a small portion of what I really need to, so every day becomes an opportunity to find another piece of this surreal nuclear puzzle. I now have a team of approximately 20 trusted volunteers, who all share common and deeply felt beliefs and concerns about our situation. We are using social media to its fullest potential to circumvent the complete failure of accurate and truthful reporting on these subjects by the mainstream media. The biggest challenge is how to teach this very complicated (and invisible) subject in a way that can be understood by all, including children, as future generations will be the ones to bear the harm that results from all of our ‘nuclear mistakes’.

Chernobyl fallout plume

Chernobyl fallout plume


During my career in ophthalmology, I created and maintained the largest collection of eye disease and ocular mutation images in the world, including the rare eye disease and deformities  in children from Iraq and Fallujah that were beginning to manifest. I had no idea at the time how this project would prepare me for what was to come post-Fukushima. I have now created a growing database of mutation images displaying the effects of radiative stress and genomic instability in plants, animals, birds, insects & children. I started this project in the fall of 2011, after noticing a large number of mutations in my area of Michigan, shortly after the accident occurred. 

When I created a Facebook page calling for images, I was shocked at the overwhelming response of individuals that were also as concerned as I was. Gardeners, farmers, photographers, and other ‘students of nature’ were also finding them across Asia, the United States, Canada, and more recently, the southern hemisphere. I am often told by individuals submitting images, “I have had this tree on my property for 30 years, and the seeds have never looked like this” or “I am a farmer, and I have never seen this happen to my crops before….” As this is the only physical evidence we have of possible fallout, besides a few published studies, I continue to pursue anything I can find in relation to mutations found after Fukushima and other nuclear accidents, such as Chernobyl and Three Mile Island. The synergistic relationships between rads, chemicals, toxins, as well as GMOs and Geo-engineering, may also be playing a part. This is a very complex set of circumstances to address and try to sort out. We know that fallout occurs where the rain falls, which is where my new association with Climate Viewer 3D will be indispensable. My hope is that eventually this project will become the largest database of mutation images ever created, and it will be fully accessible for researchers and students to use for future study and evidence. However, after only collecting images for a few months it was apparent that precipitation and rain-out is a large contributor to where these anomalies are being found. People who have seen this collection in its entirety are stunned by its implications.

Mutant Durian Pahang Seed mutation IMG_20130905_200151-1

I am completely self-educated in nuclear issues, as I was during my career in bio-medical photography and ophthalmology. I also had the great example of having a father who was a tireless environmentalist his entire life. I could never understand how he could spend every waking minute dedicated to whatever his current project was. Now I know how that feels…since Fukushima. You just have to find what compels you…or perhaps, it finds you. In my past career, in spite of my lack of formal education, I managed to attain a higher level of certifications and awards in retinal imaging than anyone else in the country. The last paper I published was on Familial Exudative Vitreoretinopathy (FEVR), and the implications of genetic mutations on eye development. I was also the only member of a peer-review board of a world-wide scientific journal, without any kind of college degree.


Familial Exudative Vitreoretinopathy (FEVR)

Familial Exudative Vitreoretinopathy (FEVR)

You are at somewhat of a disadvantage in the medical field without a formal education, but this does not necessarily mean you lack knowledge in your field of interest. Physicians, unless pursuing a specialty in oncology, are not even taught about radiation effects on health, except in the extreme case of a nuclear war. In the nuclear industry, there is no formal course of study about the health effects of radiation in relation to nuclear accidents. For the most part, the industry and its various watchdog groups have kept much of this information hidden, not only from the general public, but from students in nuclear programs. Many people who work in the industry as reactor operators, engineers, and even nuclear divers have no idea how dangerous their job really is, and how profoundly it may affect their health. My interest now lies in how you communicate a major health threat that is invisible, in a political climate that protects corporations, that are greatly interfering with our quality of life. Fukushima will have far greater effects than any nuclear accident we have ever had before. You can educate people with real (although sometimes hidden) science, arm them with knowledge, encourage use of common sense, and show them the data. In this case, it will be mutation images. This is what is happening, and this is where it’s happening. No one does that better than Jim Lee and his crew, when it comes to climate and maps. Thus, the new mutation map database has been born. We hope to continue to add to it with every new growing season, and eventually include the images of mutations collected from the sites of other nuclear accidents, like Chernobyl and TMI. When you look at images of plant mutations from these other accidents side by side, they all look the same. 


It will take several lifetimes of study from numerous, committed researchers to fully grasp the effect that the Fukushima accident will have on all living organisms. Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of time to wait for these results, or to get nuclear science degrees (although its debatable how helpful that degree would even be). The effects of contamination are already occurring at a much more profound rate that has surprised even seasoned radiation researchers. My hopes are that in generating discussion and awareness, we will find smart, dedicated people who will help figure out how to deal with an accident that in reality, there is no technology to fix, or fully mitigate for. If we do the right things, we can hopefully lessen the effects. We have to learn how to live in a radioactive environment, along with the synergistic association of chemicals used everywhere in our daily life. We also have to keep in mind that at any time, Fukushima could become an even larger catastrophe than it already is. 


Russia Today TV Interview, November 2013 on YouTube

 Mitigating for rads helps reduce the damage from lots of other toxic substances, too. The precautionary principle or precautionary approach states that if an action or policy has a suspected risk of causing harm to the public or to the environment, in the absence of scientific consensus that the action or policy is harmful, the burden of proof that it is not harmful falls on those taking an action. The principle is used by policy makers to justify discretionary decisions in situations where there is the possibility of harm from taking a particular course or making a certain decision when extensive scientific knowledge on the matter is lacking, such as the Fukushima accident. The principle also implies that there is a social responsibility to protect the public from exposure to harm, when scientific investigation has found a plausible risk.


These protections can be relaxed only if further scientific findings emerge that provide sound evidence that no harm will result. We are years, if not decades away, from having that kind of data. In some legal systems, as in the law of the European Union, the application of the precautionary principle has been made a statutory requirement in some areas of law. However in the United States, the unfortunate response of the federal government to contamination  in our air, food, soil, and water has been to raise the acceptable radiation limits sky-high. An honest Health Physics Scientist will tell you, when faced with radioactive exposure from multiple sources, the limits need to be lowered, not raised. The current limits assume you are a 25-year old male soldier in perfect health, being exposed once a year to a contaminated source, or once in a lifetime. Do you see the problem with this flawed logic? You can’t be cavalier when it comes to radiation and health, you have to assume worse case until proven otherwise. This is especially true if you are in high risk groups, or live in a high-risk area. And children, including the unborn, are hundreds and even thousands of times more susceptible. Fetus

The sense of urgency increases if you already symptomatic. We are now almost 3 years into this accident. We also have the immense and ongoing threat from aging nuclear plants all across our country, and the world. These plants have been built with full knowledge of the sinister side-effects for the surrounding populations, with no respect or regard for the individuals that are downwinders. All of them sit near faults, and on large bodies of water. And all nuclear plants leak, all the time. And then of course, we have Fukushima, which basically has become the largest radiological isotope-generator ever created, and there is no kill-switch to turn it off. Our lives all changed on 3/11, except nobody really told you…although I am going to try. It is also my goal to promote the work of highly experienced people in this field. Let me start by a simple quote from one of the smartest men to ever study the effects of radiation on health:

“No radiation is safe, period”

– Dr. John Gofman, MD, PhD, Medical Physicist, and Manhattan Project scientist.

Rose mutation

My social media websites:

Elected and Appointed Positions:

  • Member-at-Large, Board of Directors, Ophthalmic Photographers Society, 2006-2008
  • Editorial Board/Peer reviewer, Journal of Ophthalmic Photography, 2006-2008
  • Co-Editor, Ophthalmic Photographers’ Society Newsletter, 2002-2004

Fukushima articles:

Certifications and awards:

  • Previously Certified for 28 clinical studies through NIH, SCORE, DRCR, DIRC/USC,  Keck School of    Medicine, Duke University, Scheie Eye Institute (UPENN), and the University of Wisconsin
  • Certified Retinal Angiographer, 1995-2010
  • Certified Ophthalmic Technician, 1992-2011
  • Over 25 Awards for Biomedical Photography
  • Top award from OIS for “Retinoblastoma” ( 3D montage of radiation related eye cancer) American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting, New Orleans 2008
"Retinoblastoma" ( 3D montage of radiation related eye cancer) Academy of Ophthalmologhy, New Orleans 2008 4230_080 by Christina "Radchick" Consolo

“Retinoblastoma” ( 3D montage of radiation related eye cancer) by Christina Consolo COT CRA , OPS BOD


Stay up to date on the RadChick Radiation Research and Mitigation page.

  1. Profile photo of Jim Lee
    Jim Lee 2 years ago

    Impressive Christina. Welcome to the team!

  2. Ann 2 years ago

    In a sane world, people like Christina Consolo would be winning Nobel Peace Prizes, and alternative media sites such as climateviewer and ENENEWS would be winning Pulitzer Prizes.

  3. winifredthewise 2 years ago

    I read your whole article. Pretty hard to stay healthy when they fill our environment with poison and not let us have any of the good drugs, but I’ve found ways here and there.

    • Profile photo of Christina Consolo Author
      Christina Consolo 2 years ago

      Wouldn’t it be crazy if people actually got healthier because of this disaster? I know I’m eating better than I ever have in my life…lol.

  4. Thank you for taking on the elephant in the room.

    • Profile photo of Christina Consolo Author
      Christina Consolo 2 years ago

      Thank you Lilly <3 Hugs sister. It's a big glowing one…elephant, that is.

  5. r.e.still 2 years ago

    Thank You for this for this very impressive article – i will share.

  6. Cisco Kidde 2 years ago


    Congratulations in teaming up with Jim Lee, a remarkable technologist and motivated thinker. Lee’s visuals and content are compelling; his wizardry shines. This is a big deal for you and Jim.

    Best regards,

    Following is a piece I wrote nearly two years ago; two years of unabated emissions and discharges that my post could not account. That contamination, since then and excluding the initial criticalities, has been terrific. The condition of which I wrote is a massive fire starting with SFP #4 that still lurks in the background, as one possible catalyst for the inevitable radiological firestorm to come.

    Posted May 30, 2012 to “Knocking on Heaven’s Shore: Bluefin Tuna Carrying Safe Fukushima Nuclear Radiation” by Carl Safina at the Huffington Post and ENENEWS

    When the SFP at #4 reactor is breached and the resulting radioactive firestorm ensues, half of the Island of Honshu will have to be evacuated. Thousands in Japan will die within days, weeks and months from radiation poisoning. It will be a global catastrophe of epic proportions, contaminating the northern hemisphere, resulting in tens of millions of deaths. No country will be spared. Following the jet stream blowing east, the US and Canadian coasts will be the most hard hit/contaminated. The entire US and Canada will not be spared.

    There are reports that the Japanese government has been in talks with China and Russia discussing the potential of evacuating 40 million people, and the associated logistics. Some predict this event will collapse the economy of Japan, and destroy the fortunes of many of its trading partners.

    Your chance of being irradiated from Fukushima (past, present, future) is extremely high/likely. And, as each day ticks bye, we get closer to a radiological firestorm that will make Chernobyl look pale as to what is unfolding. Those of us, who will not be exposed to radionuclides, will be the exceptions. You will inhale it, eat it, or have skin exposure. And, it will metastasize into a cancer sometime in your life. Your DNA will be corrupted; and, if you procreate, you will pass your damaged genes on to the next generation, and each generation thereafter.

    Radiation levels in the western US and Canada will be extreme as to cause some radiation poisoning in small segments of the population resulting in premature biological extinctions. Food stuffs grown and produced in California and other western states will be too contaminated to pick, and/or consume. All products from Japan should be suspect as to their potential, to be radioactive.

    Adding more radiation to the atmosphere and the ocean, Japan is incinerating millions of tons of radioactive debris, and then dumping the ash in Tokyo Bay. Incineration doesn’t remove radiation; this process off gases radionuclides into the air, and the other radionuclides are concentrated in the ash. Incineration of radioactive debris only serves as a volume reducer. There is no method to remediate radioactive isotopes except to remove them from humankind.

    TEPCO has admitted to dumping 1000 tons a day of radioactive water…(240,000/GPD or close to 1,000,000 million gallons every 4 days). Historically, TEPCO has fudged and misrepresented its actual discharge rates. Many experts believe these numbers have been significantly understated. The radioactive sea plume has reached Hawaii and should reach the US in less than 6 months. Sea water evaporates, clouds form that produce rain, adding another level of contamination to the atmosphere and land.

    Additionally, some approximately 50,000,000 tons of construction and industrial debris is headed our way, expected to hit the US and Canadian coasts in the next 6 months. Some of it is dangerously radioactive.
    This will be the beginning of the end for millions of people, and a mass corruption of the *gene pool for man and all other living creatures and plants. This will be the end of nuclear power; but, it will be the end of many of us, too.

    It’s not a question of if; it’s just a matter of when.

    If you think those who created this nuclear power electricity scheme will be able to contain Fukushima; think again. The same folks who got us into this mess, are the ones charged with fixing it…WTF? Remember the Deepwater Horizon and how the offender BP was left to be the fixer…insanity.

    As Rachel Maddow characterized the possibility of a meltdown at SPF #4, we’d have to invent a way to control/fix it. There is no known solution…

    *Gene pool corruption…See this Chernobyl preview of our future, I dare you.

  7. Profile photo of Christina Consolo Author
    Christina Consolo 1 year ago

    Latest interview on RT 3.12.2014 Decontamination is bs. Read “Secret Fallout” by Dr Ernest Sternglass.

  8. Marv 1 year ago

    Hello Christina, thank you in spades for all the hard work you do, it IS appreciated. I have some news info on small plane incidents near where I live. I’ll pass them on to you for your collection:
    and this from ABC News:

    There was another small plane incident near Western NY last week but I couldn’t find the clip or vid. It is staggering to actually be witness to the uptick of all these incidences around the country and the world!!!!

  9. Horse237 1 year ago

    I just saw this. Radioactivity in Norway’s reindeers hits high

    In September, 8200 becquerel per kilo of the radioactive substance Caesium-137 was measured in reindeer from Våga reinlag AS, in Jotunheimen, central Norway.

    In comparison, the highest amount at the same place was 1500 becquerel among the reindeer in September 2012.

    The research also measured radioactivity in Norwegian sheep this year.

    Both in Valdres in southwest Norway and Gudbrandsdalen in southeast Norway, 4500 becquerel per kilo meat from sheep was measured at most.

    600 becquerel per kilo is the safe limit allowed for sheep meat to be sold for human consumption.

  10. Chuck Leslie 11 months ago

    Hello Christina
    It is amazing how Americans have been kept in the dark about radiation. I have been observing the LM website and happened to see the 4 videos with you in them. It just made me realize how vulnerable we all are.
    I live in Washington State, the site of the Hanford nuclear facility that was built in 1943. (I’m sure you know the history). Since shutting the site down in 1987, some of the storage waste tanks have leaked. I have seen reports that show that most of the Northwest and parts of Canada have been affected by groundwater contamination fallout over the years. Since the sight is close to the Columbia River and that the whole area is largely agricultural, you just have to wonder how much damage has been done and still being done!
    Thank you for your reports.

    Chuck Leslie

  11. Jamie 3 months ago

    I am a novice Radiation thinker. So i figure if i have little say over the releases, i should at least monitor the environment inside and around my home and work. I bought a used Inspector on EBay. Wow on wow…! I knew that some kitchen ware has issues but did not expect this many. I have been keeping my coffee in a container that measures 150cpm, for the last 10 years…
    Thanks for all your inspiration, hard work, and time spent educating the rest of us.

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